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Remember when we had to set up appointments to network with people?

Today, we can connect with others online anytime we want to. And we Singaporeans spend a crazy amount of time online! We Are Social reports that we spend an average of eight hours a day online.

In the world of instant messaging and video conferencing, there are countless possibilities to build and grow relationships that would otherwise be impossible.

This provides a unique opportunity to live the Gospel online, alongside people who still don’t know they have a Saviour.

Imagine with us—a day when you and your friends, your cell group or even your church gathering to reach out to your digital spaces, generating an unstoppable momentum of Gospel conversations.

We call it a Digital Day of Outreach (DDO).

DDO is simple and you're probably familiar with it already: It’s a Share Party!

Share Party

It is a fun gathering of like-minded people doing stuff they enjoy together and inviting others to join the party. They set aside time at the share party to connect and talk with others about this good news and gift that they’ve come to enjoy.

What sets DDO apart from regular share parties is its intentionality.

Talking about our faith with the people around us seems simple in theory. But it often does not happen. Our conversations naturally flow from catching up on each other’s lives to topics that are trending.

Turning the conversation to spiritual topics? That takes Spirit-led intentionality.

At the DDO Taster on 5 March 2022, five ladies from Hope Church had a taste of doing that using the #FallingPlates* video.

*#FallingPlates: a four-minute video using visual metaphors to explain the gospel message in a simple, relevant and compelling way.

Pray, Message, Post, Engage

Following a simple engagement model (Pray, Message, Post, Engage), they gathered in small groups to pray before connecting with their friends on social media.

In the span of an hour, five ladies reached out to 33 friends, of which 23 responded in conversation, and nine of those conversations took a spiritual turn.

This is one of those conversations:

Anne messaged one of her friends from college, catching up a little and then inviting him to watch #FallingPlates. There was a desire to connect with him as he usually did not respond in their group chats.

After watching the video, he drew out analogies that he saw, such as the internet pointing to temptation and nature representing the relationship with God.

Seizing the opportunity, Anne responded, “Wow, you’re so good with analogies. The video is about Jesus talking to us and his love for us. May I share with you the whole story?"

At the end of the Taster, Anne was still waiting for the friend’s reply.

Sharing the Gospel Through Relationships, Online

Therefore those who were scattered went everywhere preaching the word.
- Acts 8:4

When we think of evangelism, we think of sermons and formal events.

But in Acts, more often than not the Gospel spread through relationships. Acts 8:4 says that the believers talked about Jesus wherever they went.

Isaac Ong from Colours Global exclaims, “When you are consumed by the beauty of God in your life, you cannot help but share the good news! If we tasted a really good bowl of laksa, we would share. A bride about to get married will share the news with people every opportunity she gets. When the Lord meets with you, you cannot help but share.”

If you’re feeling apprehensive or unsure about sharing your faith, DDO is a great opportunity to learn some easy tips on how you could do that without sounding preachy or risk straining treasured relationships.

You’ll get to meet with like-minded people to do Kingdom work through worship and prayer, as well as try out useful tools like #FallingPlates that could turn conversations to spiritual topics. Tap on each other’s wisdom and spur each other on when stuck or discouraged.

This coming Holy Week, we are hoping to see missional communities gather all over Singapore, embarking on various Digital Outreaches together for a day.

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