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Creatives Collaborate for Mental Health (CCMH)

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Our mission for ThriveSg Instagram is to empower lives to be emotionally resilient with a growth mindset in mental health through counselling, education and advocacy.

This is our intentional effort to fight the mental health stigma, through normalising support-seeking by advocating a growth perspective towards counselling.

We hope to make a difference by curating creative digital strategies to fight the mental health stigma and empower people with resources for growth and emotional resilience so they can thrive significantly in life.

ThriveSg is looking to collaborate with creatives, (artist, graphic designer, illustrator, musician, video or content creator) who has a passion to use their talents and abilities to make a difference in the mental health sphere through social media! 

For our Creatives Collaborate for Mental Health (CCMH) Initiative, we are looking to collaborate with Creatives with free-lance businesses, or Influencers, Artists, Artistes, Musicians, Video & Content Creators to bring an empowering message of hope about mental health to impact lives. 

We are also keen on collaborating with designers/ illustrators / artists on collaboration projects, or in designing special series of posts on our IG. We can provide the content, and we’re also open to collaboration on content creation too.

Collaboration may be on a pro-bono or a low-bono basis.  

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Please fill up this Creatives Collaboration Form & we will get back to you if we have the capacity for collaboration with you. Due to our limited capacity, please understand we may not be able to have too many collaboration projects at a time. We will get in touch with you if we see a possibility of working together.  

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Creatives Collaborate for Mental Health (CCMH)

ThriveSg believes that the ARTS have the power to impact mental health and how the creative process can be used for a good cause! 

#creativesformentalhealth is ThriveSg’s way of championing and inspiring the use of creative giftings for a good cause, whether it be for mental health or not! 

ThriveSg has been so blessed by Creatives that have collaborated with us in our mental health cause and we would like to shout out to some of them, we hope you’ll be inspired & encouraged by their stories to use your creative giftings for a good cause too.

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ThriveSg serves young people (17-25) from all walks of life and of different faiths. We believe that everyone has the capacity to thrive significantly when empowered and supported through growing in self-discovery, emotional wellness and resilience, and mental health.

ThriveSg champions a help-seeking culture through advocating a growth perspective towards counselling, to overcome the stigma of mental illnesses and emotional challenges.

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Volunteering with ThriveSg

ThriveSg is looking for volunteers with like-minded vision and passion to impact the lives of our young people so they can grow emotionally & thrive significantly in life! If you would like to offer your precious giftings, abilities and time to serve with us, we warmly invite you to consider joining our Tribe to make a difference together! 

As ThriveSg is an affiliate of Cru Singapore, volunteers need to be in agreement with Cru's philosophy. Please CLICK HERE to find out more.

Read more to find our Volunteer Opportunities. 

*Please take note that only shortlisted candidates will be notified by us. 

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