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Graphic/ Video Creator for Social Media

Our mission for ThriveSg Instagram is to educate on issues related to mental and emotional health in bite size, appealing way to inspire a growth mindset & promote resilience. 

This is our intentional effort to fight against the stigma against mental health issues & to normalise a help-seeking culture by advocating a growth perspective towards counselling.


ThriveSg is looking for someone who has passion for graphic design and video content creator on mental health related issues. 

  • Be familiar with Canva, Illustrator, graphic design softwares / video-editing softwares.
  • Able to create and curate print, digital, and video content. For video creator: adept in conceptualisation, filming & editing.
  • Ability to create strategies to help ThriveSg effectively engage with our followers on Instagram. 
  • Be willing to commit to at least a year.

As ThriveSg is an affiliate of Cru Singapore, volunteers need to be in agreement with Cru's philosophy.

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Please click and fill in the online application form if you are interested. We regret to inform you that only short-listed candidates will be notified.

ThriveSg seeks to empower young people (17-25 years old) from all walks of life and of different faiths, to thrive significantly by promoting emotional wellness & resilience, through cultivating self-discovery, providing emotional healing and supporting personal growth.

ThriveSg champions a help-seeking culture through advocating a growth perspective towards counselling, to overcome the stigma of mental illnesses and emotional challenges.

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