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Global Media Outreach (GMO) is a US-based ministry that exists to share Jesus online, grow people in faith and connect them to Christian communities. Volunteers are called OMs (online missionaries) while the term eMentors is used for the local team of OMs based in Singapore. Presently made up of English and Burmese language responders, we are trusting God for a Chinese language or a Bilingual team (English + the language you are proficient in) to be raised up!

To know more about GMO:
- Visit the website to see the bigger picture or scoot over to the Facebook Page.
- View the LIVE site showing where people are visiting GMO sites.
- Check out the outreach and discipleship ministry site at Godlife
- Watch the 'Witness to All' video.

*Important note: please read GMO's Statement of Faith prior to application.



“When I write, I have more time to think and search for the right words. I also thought it wonderful to help assure others of their salvation or answer their queries about Christ.”

Volunteer, Online Missionary


"In our tech-connected world today, there are many people who prefer to seek solutions to their problems online so as to retain anonymity. Global Media Outreach serves this need and adds a human touch through the presence of online volunteers." 

Volunteer, Online Missionary

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