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4 Ways to Help Stop Complaining

4 ways to help stop complaining in your life.

5 Themes of Biblical Manhood

What does a real man look like? The honesty of Scripture is one of the reasons the Bible is the place to go to learn what a real man should be and do.

7 Essentials for the Christian Life

What is non-negotiable for your faith?

7 ways to find your spiritual passion

What captures your allegiance and inspires your passion? Have you discovered God’s calling for your life?

10 Things You Can Be Thankful For Today

How do we practice being grateful in every circumstance of life?

20 ideas for busy parents

With today’s endless activities, sometimes families find little time to actually be at home. Here are some tips for busy parents.

25 Ways to Lead Your Family

Men, make this part of your New Year’s resolutions.

40 Lessons We Sought to Teach Our Children

Dennis and Barbara Rainey give ideas about how to focus on biblical priorities to help your kids grow in faith and godly character.

Are Your Kids Thankful?

10 tips to replace common whining with gratitude.

Being Happy Together When the Nest is Empty

Adjusting to different marriage dynamics after the kids leave home can be challenging.

Children Need Praying Parents

Rob Flood helps parents understand what their children most need: praying parents.

Clueless boys, Aggressive girls

The fact is many parents don’t realize how little training they are giving their sons in relating to the opposite sex. Temptation, lust and sexual attraction are bearing down on them. They need to be prepared and you need to prepare them.

Do All New Moms Feel This Way?

Last Mother’s Day I tried to do the following things to help me remember the journey and delight in the lessons. Will you join me again this year?

Do You Really Need Your Spouse?

Maybe today your mate acts like he doesn't need you. Worse yet, she has lost sight of how she needs you. But there's hope.

Does a good God want me in a bad marriage?

Even though we seldom can see how God uses trials for our future benefit, He has promised to use them for good, and He is faithful to keep His word.

Don’t become a social media marriage casualty

Today, one-third of divorce filings contain the word “Facebook.” Learn four steps on how to avoid this in your marriage.

Fifty Shades of Caution

Women are asking if they should view the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film or read the book series.

Give Your Spouse the Best Gift 

Why prayer is the best gift you can give on Valentine’s Day.

He Had Two Affairs in 18 Months

David wanted nothing to do with his wife or marriage.

Help for Hurried Families

Learn how to make time for your busy family.

Honoring Your Parents With a Tribute

Writing a tribute to your parents can be a meaningful way to honor them.

How Can I Have a Ministry When Motherhood Rules My Life?

Three full-time moms navigate the challenges of investing in ministry inside and outside the home.

How God healed a marriage rocked by infidelity

No one is more amazed by how God has answered prayers than Lori. He somehow put the two families together. He’s the one who can rebuild and restore. He is a God of mercy and forgiveness.

How to Forgive When A Parent Breaks Your Heart

How unresolved issues with family members will affect all other relationships.

How to write a love note

The most meaningful of love letters are simply true, humble expressions of the heart.

Marriage Reconciled Despite Infidelity

Taiwanese woman trusts God to bring her unfaithful husband back.

Pressure From Friends

3 convictions parents should follow to help their kids resist peer pressure.

Seven Marks of a Hurried Family

These seven signs might mean your family is too busy.

Why Do So Many Kids Leave The Church?

Christian parents want their children to grow up to walk with Christ. So we’re dismayed when we see so many leaving the church as young adults.

Why We Need to Teach Our Children About Gratitude

Gratitude is not natural; it must be nurtured.

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