Marketplace Christians Xchange (MCX) started in the Singapore marketplace as an informal gathering of brothers and sisters in Christ - with no particular purpose or objective other than to get to know each other. Many were servant leaders in their office fellowship, Bible study or prayer groups who did not know each other. We simply enjoyed developing our relationships and sharing the incalculable ways how our wonderful God  works alongside us at our places of work.

These meetings went on for more than 3 years before MCX was formally set up in 2009 (in collaboration with Cru Singapore) with a vision and a message for Singapore's Christians in the marketplace. 

Key Message

Jesus wants to unite marketplace believers to:

  • Create a relational platform to bring the various categories of working believers together
  • Allow those relationships to blossom in the Lord for His Kingdom purposes
  • Support each other with care, prayer, wisdom and encouragement
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to show where the needs are and how His people can bring His Faith, Hope and Love into every need,  

and so live as Christ-like examples in the marketplace to the glory of the Name of Jesus Christ, whose name we carry as Christians.

Vision Statement

To seed the connection of Christians in the Marketplace so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Christ.

Jesus prayed that we may be “one”. This unity of spirit was meant to extend beyond the boundaries of the many churches that we belong to - even into our secular realms of work and influence.

Hence, the “life verse” of MCX has been taken from John 17:23:

“I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.” 

Mission Statement

We are convinced that “at the heart of a healthy life, one will find healthy relationships and at the heart of healthy relationships, one will find healthy communication”. For this to happen, it is important for the right conditions to exist.

Our Mission has therefore been to guide and encourage the formation of T.R.U.E. Platforms for Marketplace Believers to:

  • Transform the Marketplace with Christ - by providing a platform for marketplace believers to interact with each other to find common ground to build Kingdom values within their spheres of influence in the marketplace. 
  • Restore the Passion for Christ - by providing a platform for marketplace believers to re-ignite their Kingdom purpose and live for Christ in the marketplace through behaving as good Christian examples in the workplace.
  • Unite the Body of Christ - by providing a platform to strengthen relationships within the marketplace and through them, reinforcing the links among the local Churches.
  • Equip Kingdom-Builders - by providing a platform for marketplace believers to share ideas for personal spiritual development and ministry use and to evangelise to pre-believers and disciple believers. 

The Christian Marketplace

For the believer, work is a God-Directed opportunity. We spend so much time at our places of work - surely God can use it as a training ground for us to grow and mature as believers! And to be used by Him to love and be a blessing to others.

Indeed, there are few better settings than our places of work where we can testify of faith in God and experience the truth of the scripture we are asked to embrace and obey: “You shall love the Lord with all your heart, all your soul and all your strength...and you shall love others as you love yourself”. 

Where better to find all stripes and manner of temperaments - nice people, nasty people,  the helpful ones, the hateful ones, the proud, the humble, the fearful and the frustrated? Which of these traits do we find ourselves portraying to others at our place of work? 

Seeking Opportunites

Seeking Opportunites

This side of eternity, there will never be a lack of variety or opportunity to practise our faith in God’s Word - either as someone who needs help and encouragement or as someone who wants to help and to bless. How can we see the marketplace as a training ground to grow in the things of God? Are there questions we seek answers for?

  • Is there a Christian support group or a mentor with a deeper relationship with God we can learn from?
  • Are we filled with a deep passion to be a blessing to others who may need help - but know we cannot do this alone?
  • Is there an office fellowship nearby, a prayer group or a bible study class I can join?
Vision 2020

Vision 2020

MCX has always been about identifying people who love Jesus and who are doing something about it in the marketplace. It’s about seizing opportunities to build relationships and harnessing those relationships to tell people in the marketplace not just about Jesus, but what He can do in their lives - in their work.

MCX is now refocusing its vision for the coming decade - as a “kickstarter” catalyst for Christian Marketplace platforms and networks in the Region. To do this, we will seek to identify Christ-minded servant leaders who are prepared to start in-country MCX prototypes within their own marketplace. Our role would also be to advise and where possible, to help build-out these platforms and networks.

Servant Leaders

Servant Leaders

MCX is helmed by an Exco comprising members from diverse backgrounds and denominations who, although themselves involved with other ministries of their own, have a common vision to see:

  • Christians in the marketplace connect with each other
  • Christian colleagues (whether as bosses or employees) carry the presence of the Lord at their place of work so as to be shining examples of God’s love and grace to those around. 

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