About us

New Name, Same Mission

In 2013, we underwent a name change to become Cru Singapore. This was motivated by our desire to reinforce our mission and values, as we seek to make greater impact around the world.

There is a two-fold rationale for the name change:


  • We have progressed beyond Campus-based outreach to the larger community within and outside the country.
  • We hope to increase non-believers’ receptivity towards us through the removal of the word “Crusade”.
  • As we go beyond campuses to the world at large, we need to be mindful of the implications which our current name may have for missionaries whom we are sending abroad.
  • Authorities or natives in some countries where our missionaries are in or sent to may react negatively to our current name.


  • The name change gives us the opportunity to re-examine what we have been doing as a para-church organisation and what we really stand for:
  1. We identify areas which we need to work on and be strengthened as part of the body of Christ. (sink our roots deeper)
  2. We identify new areas of outreach and existing areas where we can make an even greater impact. (spread our branches wider)

Most importantly, we remain committed to proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ, and to bring the Gospel to the nations.

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