Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI)

Key Components

The Growth Model

Leading oneself and others in the Spirit of grace and truth.

The Leadership Framework

Leading in the relationships, roles, and responsibilities of an organizational leader towards results.


Over the two years, there will be four one-week long modules, scheduled in October and April each year in various U.S. locations1. Each module will address key leadership topics necessary to be a national-level leader.

Module 1: Foundations

  • Establish a foundation for leadership using the Leadership Framework and Growth Model.  

  • Understand the coaching approach to leadership.

Module 2: Mission

  • Connecting mission and leading big.

  • Exposure to lessons of leadership and strategic thinking.

  • Launch and equip Action Learning Teams.

Module 3: Execution and Abiding in Christ

  • Training in and illustration of good execution.

  • Emphasis on increasing a leader's dependence on Christ.

  • Establish implementation of the Action Learning Proposal with the sponsor and sponsoring team.

Module 4: Relationships

  • Growth Model and the heart as the basis for relationships.

  • Capture the learning from the last 2 years.

  • Exposure to Cru leaders.

  • Hear from SLI leaders, participants, and coaches.


Participants will have the opportunity to invest in their own character development and self-awareness through professional-level assessments such as EQI, StrengthsFinder and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The assessments and evaluation process will help them to learn more about themselves and grow in their capacity as a leader.


Throughout SLI, participants will receive meaningful feedback. Assessments, coaching conversations, process groups, comments on assignments, observation during modules, and team discussions during action learning all provide both affirmation and growth opportunities.


Coaching is integrated throughout the entire SLI experience. Participants will benefit from peer coaching, action learning team coaching and bi-weekly one-on-one coaching from a Christian business leader. All of this is designed to help them apply the many leadership principles and tools received over the two years.

Cultural Competence Development

Woven throughout SLI is development of cultural competence including ethnic identity formation and understanding history, power, and communication.  Participants will also interact with ethnic minority leaders in the community, grow in leading and working on a diverse team and grow in thinking organizationally and structurally about diversity.


Over the two years, SLI participants will have ongoing reading and interactive assignments. This will include areas of research on cultural issues, corporate organizational models, best practices trends, Christian spirituality, and biblical theology.

Action Learning Challenge

For six months between Modules 2 and 3, participants will work on a strategic project in teams using a model called “action learning.” These are “real-world/real-time” challenges that Cru is facing, where teamwork, risk-taking and creativity are required.  Participants will work as a team to solve current ministry challenges and present their recommendations to Cru’s executive leadership for implementation.

1 There may be an opportunity for an international location for one of the modules.

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