SLI Testimonials

Meet the Director

Alan Tung

Director of Cru's Senior Leadership Initiative

Alan Tung serves as the Director for Cru's Senior Leadership Initiative. He's the son of immigrant parents who themselves were children of refugees from the Chinese Civil War. This heritage has indelibly shaped his life and leadership.

Alan graduated from Penn State University with a BS in Computer Science. After graduating, he gained experience through serving in the campus field with Epic and the traditional campus ministry.

Most recently he was the Director for Ethnic Field Ministry in the former Mid-Atlantic region where, along with the Regional Leadership Team, he helped to shape a region that valued healthy staff, healthy teams, and a missionary spirit for reaching the each and the every. Prior to stepping in as the Director for SLI, he has been serving on the SLI Design Team leading cultural competence development.

Alan and Ginny have been married since 2009 and they have four energetic children: Ella, Micah, Eden, and Evangeline. Ginny navigates the responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and field staff at Eastern University with skill and grace.


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