Since 2005, Cru has sponsored a leadership development program designed to identify, equip, develop, and coach emerging leaders in our expanding movement for national and global positions. This program is called the Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI).

The vision of SLI is to see “Generations of key organizational leaders developed to lead Cru towards our mission in a complex and diverse world.”

We do this by “Investing in Cru leaders who shape Cru leadership culture through growth in Character, Competence, Capacity, and Community.”

SLI takes place as a two-year leadership development program which includes four weeklong development modules, along with practical ongoing learning assignments, in-depth leadership assessments, vibrant coaching, practical research projects, and communal growth experiences.


The outcomes we aim for in participants’ lives and what's involved.

Key Components

Information about the modules, assignments, assessments, feedback, etc.

Important Details

Information for SLI candidates and SLI candidate supervisors.
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Hear from SLI leaders, participants and coaches.

Prospective Participants

Overall program vision and expectations.


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