Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI)


The outcomes we aim for in SLI are encompassed by development in Character, Competence, Capacity, and Community. Specifically:


  • Participants would develop a vibrant, abiding walk with the Lord that is their inner core and the heart of their leadership.

  • Participants would be growing in self-awareness and maturity in the areas of EQ, bonding, boundaries, good/bad split, and adulthood and authority.

  • Participants would nurture a learning posture as described in the Growth Model.


  • Participants would grow in the skills of leadership as described in the Leadership Framework.

  • Participants would grow into cultural competence, demonstrating understanding personally and through application in their team, their context, and organizationally.

  • Participants would grow in their ability to execute by applying principles from the execution model.


  • Participants would grow in the stewardship of their own talents and the resources around them to lead organizationally.

  • Participants would increase in their ability to think organizationally and develop other leaders.


  • Participants would experience interdependence in a leadership community as they grow in vulnerability and trust and as they empower each other to serve in unique ways towards the mission.

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