Welcome to ThriveSg’s Emotional Resilience Transformational Journey (ERTJ)

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ERTJ Course on 29 June ~ 3 August 2024

We provide a safe space for self-discovery, to learn & grow emotionally with trusted peers led by our trained facilitators over six sessions. Learn

  • Emotional regulation skills
  • Manage your inner critic, stress & anxiety
  • Boundaries for healthy relationships and more...!

Six Saturdays from 29 June to 3 August 2024

  • Welcome session on 29 June 2024, 11am - 2:30pm (Welcome lunch will be provided)
  • Subsequent sessions: 6, 13, 20, 27 July and 3 August 2024, 9:30am - 1pm

Venue: 18 Verdun Road, Cru Center, Level 3 (Timothy 1)

Who is it For? Tertiary students and young working professionals (17-35 years old)

Course Fees (GST inclusive): Course Fees include an Emotional Resilience Toolkit Manual created by ThriveSg, 2 lunches (first & last sessions) and 4 tea breaks.

  • Working adults: $330 Early Bird by 1 April 2024 / $360 Full Price
  • Students: $230 Early Bird by 1 April 2024$260 Full Price 

Closing Date: Register early as there are limited spaces.

  • 22 May 2024 (or earlier when full capacity is reached.)

For further enquiries, email thriverstribe@cru.org.sg

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June ~ August 2024 course facilitator

Pamela Koh

Pamela Koh is the Founder & Clinical Director  of ThriveSg. She’s a registered counsellor  & clinical supervisor with the Singapore  Association of Counselling (SAC) & a certified  therapist in Eye Movement Desensitization  Reprocessing (EMDR). Pamela specialises  in working with all kinds of trauma and  grief-related issues that often underlies  mental health issues like anxiety, depression,  addiction and eating disorders.

For enquiries, please email thriverstribe@cru.org.sg

For more information on the course and our our course facilitators, please please download the flyer.

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Testimonials of the Emotional Resilience Transformational Experience


Heart-felt video testimonials from participants of ERTJ 2023, with all 6 face-to face sessions and our founder, Pamela Koh, shared new content she created on healing our inner child/s to heal from traumas. Video edited by our ThriveSg Volunteers- Anya Chua; Filmed by Keyla Supharta & Wei Hao.


Heart-felt video testimonials from participants of ERTJ 2022, where we had blended format of face to face & online sessions. Video created by Germaine Wong (ThriveSg Volunteer).

meet our facilitators

2022 ERTJ Sg Facilitators

Our dedicated facilitators spent weeks preparing for and journeying with our participants through the six-week course.
We were greatly impacted by them!

Our Experience

We were so blessed to have had these handmade pouches created by one of our friends. 

Inside this welcome pack, each participant received an ERTJ handbook, some stationary and other gifts!

ERTJ Full Force

Our participants and facilitators together in full force for our first ever session! Many friendships were made that day.

The heart

Small Groups are at the heart of this course

The heart behind the workshop is to provide a safe space for sharing lives and learning emotional resilience skills with other trusted peers, while facilitated by our trained counsellors over time.

ERTJ Group 5

In our small groups, participants learned to practise emotional resilience skills, and most importantly, shared their lives with one another.

ERTJ Small Groups

Each participant is placed into a small group with 3-4 other people and one facilitator.
Here, participants are sharing with one another how they might apply the CRC (connect, reflect and choose) model to their lives,
while our dedicated facilitators share alongside them, guiding and encouraging them.

ERTJ Pam's Group

After 6 weeks of sharing and growing together, friendships are being built in our small groups.

Art Therapy

Art can be a very powerful way of connecting with our emotions & healing our emotions.

The Art
ERTJ Art Group

Participants proudly sharing the pictures they drew when they connect with their emotions.

ERTJ Pam's Art Group

Vulnerable time of sharing in small groups about what these pictures meant for them as they connect with their emotions..

ERTJ Serene's Art Group

Many participants found this session helpful for clarifying their emotions and exploring deeper what they are feeling.

Fun & experiential Learning with role-plays

ERTJ Demo of Validation Activity

During our sessions about drawing boundaries & effective communication in relationships, our facilitators demonstrate for us in a role-play
how to communicate boundaries in an effective way, as well as how to give & receive validations to build deeper relationships.

Overseas Participants

Long distance is not a hindrance to connection.

We have overseas participants who joined us on this emotional resilience journey too.


Our group of overseas participants gathering together in person in Hong Kong to join us for the Emotional Resilience course virtually. We are thankful for technology that allows us to conduct the course with participants in another country!


Time flies when you are having a good time.

Our last “celebration” session with participants joining us both on-site and virtually.

ERTJ YM Group Fun

Our hope is that these groups can become supportive communities for our participants
as they continue their journey of growing in emotional resilience.

ERTJ Last Online Session

Some of our participants who were unable to join us on-site even joined us virtually, we are so encouraged by their commitment to this journey.

Testimonials from some of our Participants

I really enjoyed the workshop as there were multiple handles provided to process my emotions and rethink certain assumptions I have of others and of my inner thoughts. I enjoyed the friendships made and how universal this course was in bringing people from different stages of life to talk about emotions.  (Lena Koh, 25)

I am so grateful for my group members and  my small group facilitator, Yoon Mei for creating a safe environment online and in-person that made me feel like I could share freely without judgement. I am affirmed and encouraged each time I share an experience or an application of a lesson by my own ability to articulate & process my emotions. I appreciate my group members for validating my sharing. All the sessions in the workshop were clearly structured and packed with useful breakdowns & practical tips for each topic that we could apply and practice in our lives. Pam, Florence and Yoon Mei were wonderful facilitators and I would miss them very much! (Jane Lo, 23)

Thank you for everything! I had so much fun sharing and learning. I love the left hand child right hand compassionate adult practice. It was very helpful to me in navigating my thoughts. (Charmaine Tan, 23)

I really enjoyed our small group sharing. Each group had a facilitator, it helped the experience feel more hands-on. The sharing group sessions were really helpful in processing and making friendships, which is the highlight of the course. (Bianca Chua, 22)

I enjoyed the group discussions. I think Pamela's content was very practical. (Jaclyn Ee, 30)

I gained useful knowledge about ourselves and practical ways to apply what we have learnt. (Anonymous, 25)

It was a really safe space to share. It gave me a lot of resources to be able to accurately name my emotions, befriend them and suggest healthy coping mechanisms for them. (Raelene Kong, 24).

I liked HACKS, boundaries and vagal tone which we learnt during the course. These 3 techniques helped me identify my emotions and how to keep myself emotionally & physically safe. My small group facilitator, Serene was very validating and patient with us. She was very timely in her prompting which helped us to share even more openly (Javirea Lo, 21)

Thank you very much for all the effort and time as well as sharing your expertise, though i am joining from a different country I was able to understand well and the group dynamic was good. The line-up of topics was helpful and practical exercises have been useful for me. (Dorothy Mae from Philippines, 30)

The knowledge shared by counsellors on various traumas, their causes, and effects, followed by the solutions. (Aline Ang, 22)

My small group's willingness to participate and their open-minded nature in sharing their experiences and listening to the experiences of others. Pamela was extremely encouraging, which I think contributed to this friendly no-judgment environment. (N.G, 23)

All the emotion hacks that guide us to explore our emotions. Before the course, the only way for me to realise my emotion is to feel it. But thought out the course I learn skills like CRC, thoughs hacks etc. These skills enable me to process my emotion in a different way and to explore deeper what is in my mind. (Jasmine Wong from Hong Kong, 21)

I learnt how practicing self-compassion can help me face shame and lead to healthy emotions and sense of responsibility which is what my family wants. I appreciate the main trainer, the good sharing atmosphere, balance group time and helpful content. (Kenny Chen from Hong Kong, 28)

I enjoyed the group sharing time with people that I feel safe with. (Lo Wing Yu from Hong Kong, 29)

The different checklists provided help me effectively notice my emotions more. (Ion Wong from Hong Kong, 27)

The CRC framework for processing emotions, concept of small T and big T have been really helpful for me. I also learn to be more more aware what emotions are behind my cognitive distortion. My small group facilitator, August make me feel comfortable, accepted so I can feel safe to share myself, she was a great facilitator and counsellor. (Ivan Lee from Hong Kong, 33)

I appreciate my small group facilitator, Kate for leading all the group discussions and journeying with us. The hacks and tools learnt are practical and help me to identify and manage  my emotions better. (Sarah Ng, 21)

Are you interested?

let us know your interest and we will keep you informed of our next run. If your organization has a group of 15 or more participants, email us if you like us to run the course for your group.



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