Book Recommendations for You this Circuit Breaker

What better time to get started on some #readinggoals than during this circuit breaker?

Instead of scrolling through Netflix or YouTube, let your mind explore the pages of a good book instead! 

“A book is a magical thing that lets you travel to faraway places without ever leaving your chair.”

— Katrina Mayer

We’ve enlisted the help of Cru’s resident book vault and full-time Media Ministry (MM) staff, Nathanael Tan, to recommend some good reads.

He’s put this top 10 book list together that will hopefully speak to you, support and encourage you during this time! Click this link to browse more!

*MM is currently giving discounts of 40% for e-books and 20% storewide! While our online store remains open, physical orders can only be sent out at the end of Circuit Breaker. 

1) A Shelter in the Time of Storm: Meditations on God and Trouble

by Paul David Tripp

You will find 52 meditations based on Psalm 27 that will encourage and provide instruction for believers to worship God through the ups and downs in life.

Designed to fill hearts with a patient hope that grows, you will also find reflection questions at the end of the chapter that make these meditations thought-provoking and practical. 

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2) Why? : Looking at God, Evil & Suffering

by Sharon Dirckx

In this time, it seems the age-old ‘why?' questions about God and suffering are surfacing more: Why do bad things happen? If God exists, why doesn't he do something?

This book reminds us of God’s sovereignty, that He is amid my, or our, suffering. It helps us see the hurting world through His eyes.

Sharon Dirckx concludes, 'I would like to show you that, even though we don't understand everything, it is still possible to believe in a powerful, loving God and acknowledge the reality of evil and suffering. Not only that, but seeing life from this perspective helps us make more, not less, sense of our hurting world.' While we may never have all the answers, it does not mean that there are no answers at all.

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3) God, Where Are You?! : Finding Strength and Purpose in Your Wilderness

by John Bevere

Speaking about finding purpose and reason in life, John Bevere goes though biblical insights to help us see and navigate dry and difficult seasons in life.

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4) What If…God Has Other Plans?

by Charles Swindoll

Chuck Swindoll invites us to re-examine what we think is “God’s plan” and what happens when we see or face unexpected “bumps” in the road.

How do we face and deal with the unexpected and how should we and believers respond, in a God-fearing manner?

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5) A Grief Observed

by C.S. Lewis

A Lewis classic, he candidly pens down his moments of experiencing grief, mourning and loss from the death of his wife. How do we face grief? How should we answer the issue of loss?

Capturing thoughts in which he questioned what he had previously believed about life and death, marriage, and even God, this shows us the tension in embracing our own human doubts and frailty, while still professing the faith we hold to. 

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6) The Joyful Christian: 127 Readings

by C.S. Lewis

This book is a collection of “short stories” to reignite the “first love” that C.S. Lewis had when he first found Christ. We too can share in his insight and be reminded about our “First Love” in Christ.

This offers inspiration to all who hunger and thirst for joy in the Christian life!

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7) You'll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times

by Max Lucado

Another great book by Max Lucado, he offers insight and hope when we do face trials and different problems.

Reminding us that God is Good all the time, Max reminds readers God doesn't promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. But that what Satan intends for evil, God redeems for good.

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8) When Trouble Comes

by Phil Ryken

Not a question of if, but when—everyone faces grief, pain, broken relationships, sin, or persecution. What hope do we have? Sharing honestly from his own life and looking at stories of men and women in the Bible who experienced many kinds of trouble, Phil Ryken offers hope from Scripture aimed at reminding us that we're never alone in our pain.

Though hardships and trials will come, God is our very present help in times of trouble.

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9) Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy: Discovering the Grace of Lament

by Mark Vroegop

It’s can be easy to think that the Christian life would be smooth sailing, but this offers a very different perspective. How do we as believers be like Job?

This book takes us through Psalms and Lamentations, bringing voice to our pain. It invites us to bring our sorrow to God—to grieve, struggle, and tap into the rich reservoir of grace and mercy God offers in the darkest moments of our lives.

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10) Enjoying God: Experience the Power and Love of God in Everyday Life

by Tim Chester

We believe, serve and trust God—but what does enjoying God look like? Through this book, Tim Chester brings us through how we can experience God in the good and hard times. It explores how we relate to God and how we understand who He is.

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Happy Reading!

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