"Small Talk" Apologetics Series

A collaboration with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, we address pertinent questions that Singaporean youths have about the Christian faith. 

Keeping good answers short.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) Asia-Pacific regional director, Max Jeganathan helps youth make sense of the Christian faith through succinct answers. 

Check out the videos and accompanying reflection/discussion questions below. 

Discussion/Reflection Questions: 

1. What are some common questions you have had or heard about the Christian Bible's credibility?

2. If you have two minutes to explain why the Christian's sacred text is credible, what would you say? 

3. According to Max, what are the two approaches to test the credibility of any historical document? 

4. It is natural to unearth more questions regarding the Bible's reliability. Write down any more questions you may have. 

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Dig Deeper: 

1. Read this. Which parts of this article makes sense to you and which ones don't? 

2. It is said that Jesus Christ fulfilled more than 300 prophecies recorded in the Old Testament about Himself. As you take time to go through at least 55 of them here, what is stopping you from considering that the supernatural birth and resurrection of Christ may be true? 

3. If there is one thing in your life you would want Jesus to take control of, what would it be? Why?

Discussion/Reflection Questions: 

1. Which area(s) of Science do you think conflict(s) with what the Christian faith is about?

2. According to Max, why does he think 'Science' and 'God' are not mutually exclusive? 

3. What is the false dichotomy that Max talks about? 

4. Does it surprise you that there are leading scientists in both contemporary world of today and in history, who are also Christians? Why or why not? 


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Dig Deeper:

1. Read this to understand why Christians can be confident that the universe had a singular start. What do you like, or not like, about the viewpoints presented in this article? 

2. Read this to understand how the constancy of the laws of nature point to God’s existence. What do you like, or not like, about the viewpoints presented in this article? 

3. Read this to explore the apparent tension between scientific claims that the universe is billions of years old and the biblical claim that God created the world in six days.

Discussion/Reflection Questions: 

1. Do you think "absolute truth" exists? Are you absolutely sure?

2. Which kinds of evidence reflect that Jesus is possibly "the Truth" (John 14:6)?

3. Is Jesus Christ more of a legend, lunatic, liar, or lord (God) to you? Read this

4. Jesus is the only major world religious leader who claimed He was God. If He was lying, what would it make of Christians? If He is who He claimed Himself to be, what would be your response? 

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Dig Deeper:

1. If you could ask God one question today, assuming He is real, what would it be? 

2. If you want to choose a spiritual belief today, what would be some considerations? 

3. Pick one, two or more sections in this article to read a little bit deeper. Which of these Bible passages that you have read make the most sense to you? How so? 

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. What are some common strategies that people around have in coping with suffering? 

2. Think of a time when you experienced suffering/injustice/pain in your life? What were some thoughts that you had during that season in life? 

3. According to Max, what is the Christian response to suffering? 

4. Which of these viewpoints makes sense to you? Why or why not? 

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Dig Deeper: 

1. Read this. Why doesn't God seem to budge when we are in trouble, according to this article? 

2. What do you think is a strength of Christianity in helping someone face problems in life? When will religion become "a clutch"?

3. Read Psalm 102. How did the psalmist write about suffering? How did he write about the nature of God? What kind of mindsets/perspectives were helping the psalmist get through the bad season then? 

Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1. How have you dealt with feelings of loneliness in your life? 

2. Do you agree with what Max said about digital connectedness? 

3. Which relationships are the ones you'd like to upkeep the most in your life? 

4. What are some things that make you worried of anxious about, even the slightest? 

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Dig Deeper: 

1. What do you think are the greatest barriers you've faced in building deeper friendships? 

2. If what Max said was true, how will it change the way you consider a belief in God? 

3. Read any article over here. If a personal relationship with God proved to be as rewarding as Max or these articles claimed, what is stopping you from accepting this good prospective reality? 

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