Obstacles to Faith

Connecting Christ: Chapter Excerpt

Paul Metzger

Connecting Christ: Discussing Jesus in a World of Diverse Paths

Download Chapter 12: Atheism

This is how to do apologetics in the 21st century.

In Connecting Christ, Paul Metzger carries on a real dialogue with representatives from a wide variety of religions and worldviews. He listens and allows each to explain their views. And it is in the dialogue, and in the context of the relationship he has with these individuals, that Paul compassionately, but unflinchingly, points them to Jesus Christ.

This book is unique, as is Paul’s approach to evangelism, yet it is bold and thoroughly biblical. It is apologetics done well in a diverse culture and pluralistic world.

Additional Chapters Include:

  • The Jewish Question (Judaism)
  • Whack Jobs (Islam)
  • The Jesus Box (Hinduism)
  • The Dewdrop World (Buddhism)
  • The Burning Bosom (Mormonism)
  • Avatar (Neo-Paganism)

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