FLESH SERIES: Sex, Lust, Porn and The Christian

FLESH SERIES: Sex, Lust, Porn and The Christian

Flesh for men deals fearlessly with lust, sex and pornography in a clear, comprehensive manner that supports Cru’s spiritual Growth Model. The series will cover God’s design for sex, pornography, masturbation, causes of habitual sin, proactive accountability, boundaries in dating, homosexuality and sanctification in how we grow.

Dear Christian Man, why are you so lonely?

What is coming between Christian men and the sense of brotherhood they long for?

Raising Men, Not Boys

Our spiritual growth takes place within a male or female body so at some point we are led to consider the question: What does it look like, not simply to be a godly individual, but a godly male or female?

Recurring Sin

Regardless of the form of the destructiveness, several common characteristics are often true of people struggling with habitual sin.

Rethinking Men's Time

Rethinking Men's Time

Practical ways to improve your next men’s time.


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