The Design of Marriage

Before we can discuss lust and sexual immorality, we need to begin here, with God’s original design. We need to begin in the beauty of marriage and the goodness of sex, when God called things “good.”

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Marriage: Figure Out Why You Fight

Learn to understand and resolve the most common disagreements in your marriage.

Unrealistic Expectations In Marriage

How unattainable standards can effect your marriage and what you can do to change them.

Branches of Grace

What marriage has taught newlyweds about God.

Fighting Fair in Marriage

Fighting Fair in Marriage

Conflict begets conflict, and that's why every couple's focus should be on preventing conflict before it ever begins. Talk to each other, encourage and thank each other, and let grace abound.

6 Tips for being a Godly Husband

6 Tips for being a Godly Husband

A FamilyLife staff member offers six ways husbands can be godly in their role.


The Conflict Blame Game

The Conflict Blame Game

Why we need Jesus when we want to point a blaming finger.

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