Top Tools for Transferable Training

Building Multiplying Disciples from a Distance

Teaching and training needs to become fully internalized into someone’s life so that they become true disciples. There is a sense that our training needs to produce muscle memory so that it is practiced and applied for life. I believe three things need to be in place. Repeat, review, and remind – that is what will help teaching to stick.

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The Big Picture

Browse through articles on starting a ministry and core essential lessons to help engage your key leader in ministry.


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30 Week Coaching Plan Starting in Fall or Spring

Coaching from a distance works towards building multiplying disciples on almost any campus. The key is to keep it simple, narrow your focus, and build ministry "muscle memory". This coaching template will give you a simple path to follow. 

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Weekly Tips

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Sharing Your Faith

Want to be equipped on how to share the Knowing God Personally booklet? Learn how to use the booklet and other evangelism tools to share the gospel. 

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Satisfied Booklet – Live a Pure Life

Learn about the "Satisfied" booklet and how to use it with people to help them grow in their faith. 

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Prayer is an important part of our spiritual journey. This articles will help you walk through different ways to pray with your key leaders. 

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Learn about how discipleship can help fullfill the Great Commission and reach people all over the world. 


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Conferences & Retreats

One way to get students more involved and grow in their spiritual journey is through conferences and retreats where they can focus on the Lord without distractions. Here are ways to help you grow your conference and retreat. 

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Personal Testimony

Everyone has a personal testimony. Here you will find tools on how to prepare your story and share with others. 


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Weekly Meetings

A weekly meeting is key to expanding your ministry, getting students involved and sharing the gospel. Explore ways to create and improve your weekly meeting. 

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Need a way to organize all your contacts for your ministry? Learn more about how MissionHub can help you keep track of your contacts and keep updated on their follow-up progress. 

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Preparing and Planning School Year

These resources will help guide you and your team as you plan and prepare for the start of the school year. 

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Ending the Year Well

It is important to end the year well because it will help your ministry to start well in the fall. Check out ways to end a year well. 

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Summer and After College

Help guide students with how to spend their summer growing in the Lord and steps to take after graduation. 

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More Training Tools

Learn more ways to train students, plan for the fall semester and more for your ministry. 

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