Devotionals & Quiet Times

Starting the Day Right, How Can I BE Christian?

Jan Stewart

Where does power come from? There are many days when I try hard to do spiritual things and not rely on the changing power of the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. Can you relate to any of these?

The dilemma

Too often I:

  • muster up the extra effort to “be” Christian  
  • try hard to obey all the rules
  • miss the oomph only God’s Spirit can bring as I surrender to Him
  • ignore the signs of self-reliance
  • am surprised as life, ministry and relationships become more complicated
  • problem-solve by explaining my self-dependence away with excuses
  • think if I work through lunch I’ll get caught up
  • think if I just give that person space for a while, the tension will blow over

But spiritual power is not available apart from God’s Spirit. Eventually, I break, realizing that I cannot live the Christian life on my own.

The power

I must:

  • be filled with the power that only God’s Spirit can bring
  • need Him every day, and in every situation

Next step:

Check out how to be filled with the Spirit.

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