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Have questions on career opportunities with Cru? 

General FAQ

I'm a non-Singaporean. Can I join Cru Singapore?

Under Campus Crusade for Christ International's guidelines, any support-raising staff candidate needs to first be an applicant to the Campus Crusade for Christ (or Cru) chapter in his/her nation of citizenship. 

Salaried staff candidates can directly apply to be a Cru Singapore staff*.  

*Do note that this is subject to the approval of work passes by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of the Republic of Singapore.

How long is the term of service for a staff?

Staff positions for field ministry have a minimum service period of 3 years. 

Will I be receiving any training?

Yes. You will have to go through our New Staff Training if you are applying to be a full-time field staff. Besides classroom sessions, you will also be assigned a coach who will mentor and coach you in ministry skills as well as spiritual and character development.

Is it possible for me to go on an overseas stint?

Yes you may. Please contact our Missions Department at

What does a staff member do?

There are a variety of staff positions you may be assigned to. In a field ministry role, you will be focused on daily outreach and mentoring. 

In an operations role, you play a supporting role to accelerate the work of discipleship, outreach and missions through your expertise. Also, you will be able to spend up to one day per week in field ministry. 

What development can I expect as a staff member?

Upon acceptance, you will be required to attend new staff orientation where new staff members are introduced to the mission and vision of Cru. After which you will be expected to undergo New Staff Training which will equip and develop you in your character and ministry competence. 

Cru is also committed to the theological development of our staff members. All new staff members are required to take four theological modules. You will also have opportunities to attend other theological or professional development courses as part of ongoing staff development. There will also be opportunities to pursue theological programmes at approved seminaries, subject to existing staff policy.

What career progression can I expect as a staff?

Staff will be exposed to both horizontal and vertical career progression within Cru. There are opportunities to explore cross-ministry/department deployments in the following tracks after serving for some time in a position:

  • Field Ministry Track (Campus, Truth Living Ministry, FamilyLife Ministry, etc.)
  • Corporate Functions Track (Operations, IT, Finance, Corporate Communications, etc.)
  • Specialist Track (Teaching, mentoring, coaching, etc.)

There are also opportunities to pursue overseas missionary assignments/stints within each track.

There are opportunities as well for vertical progression in these various career tracks (eg. coming a Team Leader or Strategy Leader). Staffers also have many developmental opportunities as we encourage lifelong learning.

Who needs to raise support in Cru Singapore?

All field ministry staff are required to raise support for their salary and ministry expenses. 

Certain non-field ministry staff positions (roles in operations, communications or human resource departments etc.) are also support-raising ones. This will be indicated under the requirements of each vacancy that we publicise. 

What is required of a field-ministry staff?

The following are the general responsibilities of field-ministry staff:

  • Learning to live under God's direction and empowerment, growing towards Christ-likeness.
  • Exhibit good emotional, mental and physical health.
  • Model personal and group ministry skills of prayer, evangelism, follow-up and discipleship through discipleship groups and one-to-one personal time with disciples and ministry leaders.
  • Maintain healthy support, a growing base of supporters and regular contact with them through regular newsletters/updates.
  • Stay meaningfully engaged and involved in their local churches.
  • Any other responsibilities as specified in the ministry they have applied for.

Are there non-field roles available?

Definitely! If you cannot picture yourself initiating spiritual conversations and discipling people on a regular basis, you can still play a vital role in Cru's work!

We are also looking for applicants who are interested to serve the Lord in operational roles such as Human Resource, IT, Finance, Operations, Media and Corporate Communications, subject to vacancies.

Do non-field ministry staff raise support?

It is the policy of Cru Singapore for all staff to raise our own financial support to fund both living and ministry expenses.

However, from time to time, we may have non-support raising positions, subject to vacancies.

What are the benefits of being a Cru staff member?

Cru places high priority in caring for our staff, adopting some benchmarks set by the National Council of Social Service and Ministry of Manpower. Some additional benefits we provide for our staff members are corporate Insurance, travel insurance, comprehensive allowances, reimbursement schemes and more.

In order to keep our staff free from financial distractions and focused on our mission, our salary structure promotes a moderate lifestyle, longevity in ministry, and individual freedom and responsibility for staff.

What do I need to do to start my application?

We would like all applicants to have blessings from their local churches before joining us. Do seek the approval of your church leaders before sending in your application. 

How can I obtain application forms?

If you are a ministry disciple or volunteer already involved with Cru, you may obtain the application forms from any staff whom you know. 

Alternatively, you may write to to request for the application forms. 

If you are not involved with Cru, you are advised to first fill up the pre-application form.

When should I submit my staff application form?

For field ministry positions, where the job scope involves outreach, disciple-making, coaching, mentoring eg, Campus Ministry, LeaderImpact (marketplace), Crea (creative ministries), The Significance Project , FamilyLife, application forms must be submitted by 15 May every year to give sufficient time to raise prayer and financial partners before the start of new staff training in September, and the campus term in July (for campus ministry applicants). 

In this regard, applications submitted after 15 May will be processed on a case-by-case basis.

Below reflects the general timeline and processes that need to take place prior to new staff training for field ministry staff:

  1. Application closing date: By 15 May
  2. Interview period: May –June (or earlier if application comes in before 15 May)
  3. MPD duration: Mid June – end July (can start earlier if accepted on staff earlier)
  4. 2-week onboarding programme: August
  5. New staff training: September

*Please target to submit your application forms as soon as you can before 15 May to increase the lead time you have to raise support.

For non-field ministry positions, you may apply any time, subject to available vacancies.

When will I be informed of the outcome?

If your application is successful, you will be invited for an interview 3-4 weeks from the date we receive your application. All reference forms must be received before an interview can be scheduled.

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