Take The 8-Day Challenge

As part of the LiveSg campaign, we are excited to bring you the 8-Day Challenge - a series of daily devotions designed to help you live differently in the following areas:

  • Love God and Others
  • Ignite Your Passion
  • Venture Out in Faith
  • Encourage Someone Today
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A sneak peak of what you get

Delivered to your inbox daily, each day’s challenge comes with:

  • a scriptural anchor,
  • a devotional thought,
  • a prayer guide and,
  • application steps.


Meditate on the scriptural anchor and devotional thought, right from your mailbox. Then use the guide to help you pray for power to act.

Take Action

Apply the steps based on the reading of the day. To help facilitate the process, we’ve also provided links to alternate resources.


Growth happens in community. Share the challenge with someone you know! Furthermore, it’s fun to do this together.

8-Day Challenge FAQ

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