UNVEIL: Demystify is a conference organised by Cru Singapore in partnership with BibleProject, an animation studio that produces free, high-quality resources to help make the biblical story accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

We hope that the keynote speakers' sharing on the book of Jonah will enable you to understand and experience the Bible in fresh, new ways.

UNVEIL: Demystify is meant for youth 15-23 years old. Please note that all conference sessions are conducted in ENGLISH with no translation provided.


UNVEIL: Demystify Workshop 1

UNVEIL: Demystify Workshop 1

(Is The Bible Still Relevant In This Age? by Cheree Hayes)

UNVEIL: Demystify Workshop 2

UNVEIL: Demystify Workshop 2

(Praying God's Word by Josh Yeoh)

UNVEIL: Demystify x Impossible413

They share about the joys and sorrows they've experienced in the reading and studying of the Bible.

In the video, they will answered questions like: Has consistent Bible-reading always been an easy habit to cultivate? Is the Bible useful to my life at all?

Featuring special guests from FOPx, and Pastor Ang Hern Shung from Trinity Methodist Church!

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Cheree Hayes

Cheree Hayes lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and three children.

Cheree is a content writer at BibleProject and host of the Reflections podcast. She was trained in theology and educational leadership at Multnomah University where she went on to work as an adjunct faculty member of Bible Study Methods for years.

She now enjoys leading with churches and various non-profits as a Bible teacher, advocate, and freelance writer. Cheree’s greatest passion is to facilitate discussions and experiences that lead people into a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and who they can become in him.


For enquiries, talk to us at conference@cru.org.sg

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