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What Happens When People Google “Jesus”

We turn to the internet for our ordinary, mundane, and sometimes embarrassing questions. But we also look to this infinite store of knowledge for answers to life's most complex moral, intellectual, and spiritual quandaries.

Write Compelling Captions

People decide within seconds if they will engage with your social media posts. You must master writing compelling caption copy if you want to engage people with thumb-stopping content. So how do you do it?


Training videos on how to get started and use Snapchat for digital ministry.

How to Create a Messenger Ad

Facebook now allows you to set up an ad where people can instantly message you to respond. This kind of ad works well over a short period of time when you are available to message people back. Learn how to create one here.

How Social Media Will Help You Share Your Faith

As a college student you’re likely to spend hours every day on social media, so how do you use time to share your faith with friends.

How to Have an Effective Giveaway

Are you running a social media account and want more exposure? Learn how to create an effective giveaway that will strengthen your bond with current followers and gain you new followers.

6 Tips for Responding to Negative Comments Online

Receiving comments on social media is what we all want — except when they’re negative. When negative comments appear, it can be stressful or hurtful. Here are six tips to help you navigate the situation online and respond well to negative comments.

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