40 Days of Worship and Seeking the Lord Together

40 Days of Worship and Seeking the Lord Together

Dr. Bill Bright

Let's Get Started

I suspect that many of us have done a bit of extended prayer and fasting as a believer. It’s a way of slowing down the pace of our lives, to make more room for praise, worship, prayer, and reading God’s word. Could you jot down somewhere what you hope to gain during this 40-day period? Increase dependence on God? Make a decision about placement? See some heartfelt longings that have yet to come to fruition? Pray about it first and see if God has some specifics he’d like you to focus on.

Let me pray for you, “Gracious God, Savior Son, and Indwelling Spirit, I humbly come to you seeking to know and love you more. My hands are open and my heart is teachable to what you want me to learn. Help me to make more space to meet with you in these next weeks. I don’t want this to be a business as usual time but one alive with fresh worship, more quiet space to hear you speak. All I know is that I need you desperately. Thank you for that gift of expectation. I stand on tip-toes to see what you will do in me and through me. Amen.

The one thing we need today more than anything else is to spend time alone with our Lord, sitting at His feet in the sacred privacy of His blessed presence. Oh, how we need to reclaim the lost art of meditation! Oh, how we need “the secret place” as a part of our lifestyle! Oh, how we need the power that comes from waiting upon God. -Unknown

Our theme for the first 10 days (March 17-26) will be the "Pathway to Intimacy."

Intimacy (Random House Dictionary): A close familiar, usually affectionate or loving personal relationship; a close association or detailed knowledge or deep understanding; the quality of being comfortable, warm or familiar.

Our first 10-day segment takes us to the very heart of our Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. His heart beats with love, mercy, and tenderness for each of us. The whole story of God is a love story. He is seeking—always seeking to establish or re-establish an ever deepening relationship with us. Remember, our focus during this 40 day is on Jesus. Relax in his presence, hear his voice, and know how deeply you are loved. Enjoy enriching your intimacy with the God who is crazy about you.

"Prayer is first and foremost listening to Jesus, who dwells in the very depths of your heart." –Henri Nouwen

Day 1, Pathway to Intimacy | March 17, 2011

Matthew 11:28: Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Come to Jesus full of expectancy as you begin this 40- day adventure. Take some time now to consider this question: Where are you in need of true rest in your life?

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