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We must move from distraction and consumption to intentional stewardship of our digital footprint.

On the outside, Katie seemed to have many things — a prosperous career at a global investment bank, a privileged social circle and a group of close friends.

But on the inside, she felt empty and lost, with no future or purpose in life.

During her own time, Katie explored various types of spirituality and didn’t share what she was going through with those around her.

But one day her friend shared a worship song on Facebook about the sacrificial love of Jesus.

While reading the song lyrics, Katie started to cry. Something told her that this was what she had been searching for — a love like no other.

It doesn’t take any special training to offer a prayer, an encouraging word, a listening ear or to share a link.

Reaching out to her friend to learn more about the Christian faith, they began to explore it together. Who knew that this decision would change her life completely?

Following Jesus has given Katie purpose and meaning. Today she also serves as a Content Strategist with Indigitous, helping others to become digital missionaries. 

Why is this true story significant? Because we all have Katies in our lives, people in whom God is working and drawing to Himself.

How can we participate in this process? It only requires a few simple shifts in our mindset.

Shift 1: Realise that people are searching for Jesus online

We traditionally think that if people are spiritually curious, they’ll seek out a pastor, attend a church service or approach a Christian friend.

In fact, nearly every major decision we make today involves some kind of online research: watching videos, scanning peer reviews and ultimately making a decision, etc.

For life-changing decisions, like someone’s faith, it’s no different.

The average Singaporean spends approximately 8 hours a day online, including 2 hours on social media.

Today, when someone wants to explore faith they are likely scrolling social media, watching videos or using a search engine to seek evidence to guide them on their pathway.

We must see digital spaces as mission spaces and pray that God would draw those searching close to Himself as they engage online.

Shift 2: Realise that God has given you a digital footprint to help others discover Jesus

We often spend time on social media comparing ourselves to others or broadcasting something we want others to see about us.

But what about seeing the digital footprint that God has given us as a mission field?

We need not travel overseas or undergo special training; God has given us dozens of opportunities and connections right in the palm of our hands.

Luke 4.18-19 (ESV) describes Jesus as saying:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favour.”

Jesus has come and continues to redeem and transform our broken world.

He has invited us to partner with His Spirit to continue the mission — to proclaim the good news, liberate the captives and oppressed, open blind eyes and declare God’s favour and blessing over His creation.

We can do this in simple ways online:

  1. By setting aside regular time to pray for those in our contact list, chat groups or social feeds. The beauty of social media is that our feeds are often laced with opportunities to pray for those we interact with and we don’t even need to ask our friends for prayer requests.
  2. By listening for the heart cries of what others are posting. As we scroll our feeds, ask the Spirit to reveal who might need an encouraging word or a private conversation to learn more about something vulnerable they have just shared (or are not sharing).
  3. By periodically posting authentic, relevant content that shares our own journey, trials and challenges, and invites others to consider Jesus.

It doesn’t take any special training to offer a prayer, an encouraging word, a listening ear or to share a link.

Our digital footprint offers dozens of direct ministry opportunities each week should we choose to partner with God’s Spirit.

Shift 3: Realise that people are on a journey and meet them in their place of need

We often admire dramatic conversion moments or evangelism experts who can get someone to a critical point of decision.

But for most people who become Christians it involves a process over a period of time, with many different interactions, and many different inputs and people.

Engagement in digital spaces offers tremendous opportunities to meet people right where they are in their journey and help them with their next best step.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has gone through trauma. Many are still struggling to cope with it, both physically and emotionally.

Mental and physical health struggles, suicidal thoughts, loneliness and financial challenges are top of mind for so many.

This is an opportunity for Christians to imitate Jesus’ heart and mission, to meet the needs of the broken world, and think creatively how to bring the Gospel and true hope of Jesus to the ones who need him right now.

Engaging photos, heartfelt videos, thought-provoking tweets, timely Scripture on the concerns of the day can all help shape a path for the Spirit to work in drawing people to himself.

We must ask ourselves: What could I say, post or pray today that would help someone take a step closer to Jesus? Then make this a regular habit of our lives.

God has given each of us influence and connections in the digital realm. We must shift our mindset from distraction and consumption to intentional stewardship of our digital footprint.

Like Katie, there are many out there who have yet to discover Jesus’ redeeming love.

This excerpt is adapted from a message Russ gave during the Cru Singapore’s #READY webinar series.


  1. What digital spaces are you active in?
  2. Do you see the digital footprint that God has given you as a mission field?
  3. What could you say, post or pray today that would help someone take a step closer to Jesus?

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