Help build spiritual movements with your professional skills and gifts in the areas of finance, IT, administration, operations and communications.    

Until everyone has heard.

With thousands of employees globally, Cru is more than on-campus missionaries. We employ a variety of people who help accelerate the gospel to the world through their talents, skills, and abilities.

  • Finance: Accountants, Financial Analysis, Auditing, Accounts Payable & Customer Service
  • Technology: Software Development, Web Design & Development, UX/UI, Data Science, Information Technology
  • Communications: Writers, Marketing, Social Media, Graphic Design, & Videography
  • Human Resources, Conference/Event Planners and Production, Business Analysis and Fund Development

Integrate your professional skills with spiritual life

Cru's work culture focuses beyond "getting the job done." While working in Operations, you are cared for individually and developed in your walk with God. Work with purpose as you learn how to integrate your professional life with your spiritual life. Accelerate the mission with your skills and engage the mission with your hands and heart volunteering in the field.

Experience professional growth by honing your skills as you work on national projects while working alongside experienced individual who can help develop your talents. Experience life-changing community and work with a team who is committed to using their skills and for the Great Commission.

Half a day a month will be devoted to your personal and spiritual development, along with monthly Operations townhall sessions. You'll also have the opportunity to spend time each week involved in a local Cru ministry.

Corp Comms Executive

Beautiful stories of God’s transformation around the world are often left untold. You play the critical role of telling stories, in words and pictures to audiences both young and old. Travel with mission teams and/or missionaries to help document their work. Inspire more people to be involved in God’s work through timely and bespoke communication to our wide range of audience.

Growth Solutions Specialist

Ubiquity of mobile and web has given organisations fresh insights into the needs of their target audience. With more than 500 global web properties visited by millions of people visit every month, help Cru craft positive user experiences that helps them take positive next steps towards Jesus.

Digital Content Strategist

Do you have a passion to communicate the amazing work of God's growing kingdom and how people can build spiritual muscles of evangelism and discipleship? Do you love good clear writing? Making stories come to life with photos and graphics? Using film to communicate the truths of God's word and the reality of His work in the lives of people? Use your skills in Communication or Media to make a difference in the lives of followers of Jesus. Let that light shine as people read, listen or watch all around the world.

Website Coordinator

We are looking for a highly motivated and creative individual to help shape the experience for visitors to Cru Singapore's website. Your attention to detail, creativity and knowledge of information technology would be instrumental in helping someone learn about Christ, or lead a believer to a right resource for her spiritual growth.

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