Knowing God

Trusting Jesus

An Australian teaches her faith to children on a mission trip.

Tez Brooks

Aileen’s infectious smile prompts the village children to hug her around the leg as she plays her accordion. The volunteer has been ministering hard all morning—from coaching basketball to blowing soap bubbles.

Now she’s teaching them a song before the Bible lesson begins. The kids giggle and gather around anticipating what wonderful magic trick or story will be presented next.

Children are Aileen’s passion and that's why she is on this mission trip with Campus Crusade for Christ Australia.

Aileen herself was a young girl when she prayed to receive Christ at age 16. She made that life-changing decision when she realized God wanted to be her best friend, to have a personal relationship with her.

Besides raising two sons with her husband Aileen has been in children’s ministry for over 20 years. She is a firm believer that kids and teens are the largest unreached people group in the world.

“There is such a potential in these future leaders. I love gaining their trust and seeing God work in them,” says Aileen.

“Even as a child they are desperate for a Savior and we often complicate it too much. The gospel is a simple message. It’s simple for good reason.”

Like Aileen, you have the chance to serve God as a volunteer overseas or in your own backyard. Learn more about trips and other opportunities.

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