How to Start Gospel Conversations with an App

Josh McKinley, Cru High School Volunteer Leader

My friend Jason has found himself feeling broken and alone because of his lifestyle.

Each time he confides in me my heart breaks more. So when I heard about the Voke app, which allows you to send videos and provides notification when people watch, I immediately thought of him.

I felt like the video “Falling Plates” related to what he was going through while openly sharing the gospel of Christ.

I shared the video with Jason and he absolutely loved it. He had questions for me that started months of conversations between us about Christ.

I’ve continued sharing videos with him through Voke, and our relationship has grown stronger. He hasn't given his life to Christ, but he's open and willing to learn.

I am excited to see where this Voke app takes both me and him and our future walks with Christ!


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