Ever wondered if God loves sports?

Ever thought that faith & sports is much more than just praying to win?

Ever wanted to join the Ultimate Training Camp, but couldn't fit it into your schedule?



UTC VIRTUAL is a unique online experience hosted by Athletes in Action Singapore for EVERY athlete in EVERY TEAM, EVERY SPORT, and EVERY NATION that will challenge your view of how God, life, and sport are connected using five Biblical Principles, and interactive exercise activities.

UTC VIRTUAL is geared towards the competitive athlete to help you kickstart your journey in understanding how God, life, and sport are connected. This experience will also be useful for coaches, trainers, sports professionals, etc. 

Why should you join UTC VIRTUAL?

Why should you join UTC VIRTUAL?

  • The Principles (main content for the event) are relevant and have been tested for over 40 years with competitive athletes worldwide.  
  • You get a great "taste" of the camp experience through these five sessions.
  • You will have common language with others who have attended a UTC already. You'll understand more of what they are talking about.

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Date: 21 - 25 June 2021

Time: 8pm - 10pm

Registration Fees (inclusive of GST):

  • Early Bird Fees* - 35 SGD
  • Regular Fees - 50 SGD

*Deadline for early bird registration: 8 June 2021

Last day of registration: 13 June 2021

For international participants who are not Singaporeans or Malaysians, we are unable to send the goodie bag to you. Registration is FREE for you :)

If you have any further enquiries, please drop an email to dionpeh@cru.org.sg

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**For Malaysian participants, please use the conversion rate of SGD/RM 3.05**

2) Download the Indemnity Form and fill in your details.

3) Send approved payment transaction and signed Indemnity Form to UTC staff at dionpeh@cru.org.sg

Registration is only confirmed after we have received your payment and indemnity form :) Please do so within 3 days of registration here. Thank you! 

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