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Finding New Life

“From as early as I can remember, my mom was a substance abuser…”

Anxiety Counselling Singapore

Worried about your anxiety? You're not alone. Anxiety counselling is one of the most sought-after services we offer at Cru Singapore. Learn more today!

Redeeming Ambition, Part 3: How to Take Back Ambition

We can glorify God with the ambition He’s given us.

Heart of Racism

Naomi describes the new “implicit” racism that our country faces today. She recounts her personal experiences with racism, speaks to its heart issue, and gives next steps for readers at different stages in their journeys with this issue.

Do You Feel Like You’ve Failed God?

Elliott juxtaposes the stories of Peter and Judas, as well as shares some of his personal story, to demonstrate the different ways we can respond to spiritual failure.

Five Ways to Struggle Well in Unexpected Disappointment

There are three women’s names who traveled for Brazil, prepared to compete yet were never mentioned by commentators. These women didn’t get to compete for gold, but they learned how to struggle well.

Why Are Christians Afraid of Doubt?

Why doubt is not necessarily a road-block to deep faith.

Is Genuine Hope Possible in a Broken World?

Against a pessimistic and fearful backdrop, Jesus Christ offers real hope. He gives mankind the opportunity to become right with God and his fellowman.

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