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Turning Sorrow to Songs of Joy

Thanksgiving, an occasion traditionally celebrated in North America, is a timely reminder to be thankful. When things are not going as well, however, we struggle to find reasons to thank Him.

God's Preoccupation With Us

Amid our busy schedules, let's take a pause to behold a God who is constantly thinking about us.

Is It Worth It?

A reflection on the cost of our faith.

Returning To The Good Old Days

How is your new year going to be? It's often a choice between letting our zealous past be a distant memory or returning to God with a renewed devotion. What does Chapter 2 of Jeremiah have to say about this?

What's Hanging On Your Door?

How a door sign led me to think about the condition of my heart.

Planning for a heavenly party

The beauty of earthly celebrations offers us a glimpse into the grander parties in heaven.

Christian parenting

Discover Christian parenting tips and insights grounded in biblical principles. Get the support and resources you need to raise your children with love and purpose.


A couple either strives or thrives through the seasons of life together. Through life’s challenges, couples can thrive, reorienting to God's purpose, design and resources for their marriage.

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