The Singapore Dream


Birth of The Singapore Dream to be a blessing unto nations. Vision was for 10% of our staff to be sent to different parts of the world.

Established the Great Commission Training Centre (GCTC)

Short-term mission trips began.

More than 220,000 Singaporeans watched the JESUS film at Cathay Cinema.

The Homemakers Ministry began.

EXPLO 85, a worldwide evangelism and discipleship training conference. Linked local participants gathered at World Trade Centre (presently Harbourfront) via satellite.

  • More than 1,400 Singapore delegates
  • 1,165 persons heard the gospel
  • 169 decisions for Christ

Josh McDowell spoke to more than 34,000 people during his That's JOSH! Tour in Singapore.

The Children's Ministry began. Within 2 years, 1,000 children heard the gospel through The Greatest Promise booklet.

350 Singapore delegates participated in Manila 90, a concerted international effort to reach Metro-Manila.


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