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Is your faith “crazy for God?”

Cru has opportunities for you, whatever the level of your faith. Here are some biblical examples of how people responded to God’s call. Consider what steps of faith God wants you to take next.

Social Media: Waste of Time or New Evangelism Tool?

A digital day of outreach created numerous conversations in Australia.

When a surfer went missing; a chaplain’s response

Russ Harmon serves as a chaplain in Australia’s Lifesaving Chaplaincy program, explaining the gospel to those around him through pastoral care.

Yes, it’s possible to have a long-distance ministry

Caitlin discovers she can be a full-time student and a full-time missionary simultaneously. She helps launch a Student Life movement on her college campus.

Seeking Spiritual Health

Scott and Belinda Loughton see their marriage healed and are introduced to Jesus through their local doctor and his wife, a volunteer with FamilyLife Australia.

Australian Programmers Develop Evangelism App

Two Australian computer programmers develop a new application for the iPhone to help people share their faith.

Medical Missionaries Help Villagers See Again

Volunteers with Global Aid Network use their medical skills to help villagers.

A Shoe, a Water Bottle and a Pen Illustrate the Gospel

Two girls find a way to make the gospel clear to a Chinese student in Australia using objects at hand.

Was Gaining God Worth Losing My Family?

A student in Australia risks rejection from her parents for her new faith in Christ.

God spit me out

“I heard a word from God: He was going to spit me out of his mouth— I was neither hot nor cold.” Eric changed from being passionate about partying to being passionate about Jesus.

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