Population: 21,766,711

Located in Oceania, continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean


Map of Australia

A secular state with freedom of religion. The increase of those claiming no religion and the arrival of many non-Christian immigrants, make Australia a much more pluralistic region. The church in Australia faces the challenge of remaining relevant in a quickly changing culture. While over 2/3 of Australians identify themselves in some way as Christian, only 10% regularly attend church, and increasing numbers have negative attitudes toward the Church's perceived intolerance and authoritarianism.

Why did God bring me here?

Why did God bring me here?

Hannah grew up actively disliking God. The first 15 years of her life were spent denying Him outright and laughing at those who chose to believe. Those years of denial and ignorance hit her all at once one night.

6 Minutes to Faith

A filmmaker’s passion leads to a new evangelistic resource.

A Shoe, a Water Bottle and a Pen Illustrate the Gospel

Two girls find a way to make the gospel clear to a Chinese student in Australia using objects at hand.

Rescued from the Occult

An Australian college student turns from her interest in witchcraft and finds Jesus.

Seeking Spiritual Health

Scott and Belinda Loughton see their marriage healed and are introduced to Jesus through their local doctor and his wife, a volunteer with FamilyLife Australia.

Yes, it’s possible to have a long-distance ministry

Caitlin discovers she can be a full-time student and a full-time missionary simultaneously. She helps launch a Student Life movement on her college campus.

When a surfer went missing; a chaplain’s response

Russ Harmon serves as a chaplain in Australia’s Lifesaving Chaplaincy program, explaining the gospel to those around him through pastoral care.

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