Devotionals & Quiet Times

How Your Personality Connects You With God

God has hard-wired each of us to experience Him uniquely.


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The Heart of a Grieving Black Mother

“As I sit on my back lanai at 6:45 a.m., listening to the birds slowly welcoming the morning, my heart is grieved by the senseless murder of another black man.”

How Can You Connect in a Time of Self-Isolation?

Social distancing, so unprecedented for most of us, also raises particular questions for the Christian community. How do we do life differently during a global crisis like this?

A Desire to Journey, A Desire for God

We were all created with a desire to find meaning and happiness in life. But are we looking in the right places? Which journey for meaning and happiness will ultimately fulfill us?

Why a Diverse Community Is Better for Your Growth

Having diversity in your community is better for everyone. It expands your understanding of the world and can transform the way you view your life experiences.

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