U.S. Internships

Take your year after graduation and work with Cru staff on a US campus building the spiritual movement there. Or intern with one of our national ministries or in operational roles with our ministry office teams.

US Interns Build Movements

What's a US Internship with Cru like? What will I do? Who will I work with?


Interns Serve Across the US

Where can I go as an Intern? Ministry or Operations?


Information on How to Apply

What do I need to do and when do I need to do it? When is training?

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Headquarters Internship

Headquarters interns use their skills alongside our staff teams in a wide variety of disciplines and engage in local ministry.

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Check out the internship opportunities on US campuses and Regional Offices.

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Reaching Unreached Peoples

By using the power of media in ministry you can help reach every tribe and touchscreen.

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High School Internships

Interested in working with younger people and impacting local schools? Check out our High School internships.

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Athletes in Action

You can focus your internship to connect athletes to the gospel with AIA.

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Global Aid Network

Take action by serving with GAiN, spreading hope through humanitarian aid.

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FamilyLife Headquarters

Use your marketplace skills to support the advancement of the gospel through family and marriage ministry.

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Inner City Internships

A 1 to 2-year opportunity...you can make a powerful impact in the lives of people while deciding where God is leading you full-time.

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Reaching Storytelling People Groups

Use oral Bible storying to take the gospel to unreached people groups around the world.

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