Cru Leadership SLI Testimonials

Milton Massie

Co-National Director of Cru, Inner City

The Senior Leadership Initiative is a tool God used to identify “some gaps” I have in skills and disciplines necessary to lead more effectively. I am confident it will serve the same purpose for other Cru Inner City staff led to take advantage of the opportunity.

Darryl Smith

National Director of Oneness and Diversity

I’m so thankful to SLI for the opportunity that it gives up and coming young leaders to be influenced and developed by seasoned leaders both inside and outside of Cru. As we look at the next 15 to 20 years of Cru, I cannot think of anything that is more important than the development of young leaders through SLI. I would recommend and encourage leaders to send their next generation of leaders to SLI as a part of their growth and development.

Margaret Yu

National Executive Director of Epic Movement

The higher you move up in leadership ladders, the more challenging it is to continue to focus on your personal growth. With that in mind, SLI seeks to aid emerging leaders to better prepare them for self leadership that empowers other leaders in Cru and the Kingdom of God. This type of intentional focused leadership program is so critical to a growing organization. I am grateful for the fruit that I have seen through SLI.

Andrea Buczynski

VP of Global Leadership Development for Cru

There's nothing like being with a group of fellow leaders who are also on the cutting edge in their ministries and journeying together. The SLI is that combo of stimulating growth environment, tough challenges, and rich fellowship. It doesn't get better than that!

Steve Sellers

V.P. of Cru and U.S. National Director

SLI has been immensely beneficial for Cru and for the participants. Cru benefits from the work done on Action Learning Challenges and from having our leaders growing in their capacity. The participants benefit personally, professionally, and spiritually through the teaching, equipping and professional coaching.

Mark Vera

Destino Movement, Executive Director

When Destino states we are developing the next generation of Latino leaders, I can confidently point to SLI as a significant part of our leadership development engine that builds knowledge, skills and strength of character. As a participant in SLI6 my leadership capacity has increased and continues to benefit the ministry I serve. I highly recommend SLI as not only one of the best leadership development programs in the world but also as an instrument Destino will continue to use to produce the quality leaders we need to reach for the next generation for Christ!

Mark Gauthier

Vice President and Executive Director, U.S. Campus

The road to the vision cuts right through our heart. Who we are as leaders in character and competency is vital to the future of the ministry. God's way is to expand His kingdom through leaders. SLI is one of our best strategies at developing our leadership capacity to ensure that we are becoming the people God wants us to be and are as effective as possible in accomplishing the mission to which He has called us.

Marc Rutter

U.S. National Director, Leadership Development and HR

The Senior Leadership Initiative uses our five “E” approach to leadership development that has produced effective leaders for Cru over the past 12 years.

  • First, the “E” of Environment – SLI gives each participant the opportunity to grow in a healthy, safe, and quality leadership rich environment.
  • Second, Exposure – SLI brings in leaders from various ministries within Cru and from without, exposing participants to a diverse group of leaders and leadership styles.
  • Third, Education – the equipping and training that are taught in SLI is cutting edge and designed to insure that our leaders are effective for the future.
  • Fourth, Experience – each participant gets practical leadership experience so the learning goes deep.
  • Fifth, Evaluation – SLI believes in feedback. SLI provides a safe environment for our leaders to receive constructive feedback to grow in character and competence.

I believe our product speaks for itself. The leaders that SLI has had the privilege of developing are leading in Cru and beyond, developing leadership rich environments that produce results. I am very proud to be part of such an enriching program.

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