Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI)

Prospective Participants

If you are a prospective participant, please visit Important Details (Relay login required) and read through that page carefully.

What’s Involved

  • Timeframe
    SLI is a two year commitment that begins with a kick-off in July during our National Staff Conference (i.e. Cru17, Cru19, etc.) in Fort Collins, Colorado, and ends with a graduation ceremony at the following National Staff Conference (i.e. Cru19, Cru21, etc.).

  • Community
    SLI is a community and uses a cohort model for more in-depth interactions. SLI participants build deep relationships, and graduates rely upon the community of leaders they’ve developed.

  • Spouses
    Spouses are invited to attend the modules at their own expense with approval from their supervisor.

  • Expenses
    Participants will be responsible for travel costs associated with the modules, which are estimated to be $2,000-$2,5002 over the two years.

Long Term Vision and Participant Expectations

Explicit in our SLI Mission of “Developing the Next Generation of Leaders for Cru” is that SLI is for Cru’s emerging leaders who see their calling to be staff members of Cru as long-term. Hosting SLI takes a significant commitment from us all.  Generous ministry partners are making sacrificial investments of about $15,000 per participant to fund the program. In addition, outstanding leaders from outside of Cru are giving of their valuable time to coach participants. SLI Design Team members along with Cru leadership are also investing resources for the purpose of “Developing the Next Generation of Leaders.”

If you think that God is calling you to lead Cru into the future, we welcome you into our SLI cohort. Our prayer is that God will use SLI to multiply your leadership. We pray that your SLI experience will be a two-year journey that will expand and enhance your leadership capabilities and vision for life, ministry, and service.

For more specific and in-depth details, please visit Important Details (Relay login required) and read through that page carefully.

2 There may be additional travel expenses if there is an overseas component.

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