SLI Participant Testimonials

Bonnie Davis

LD National Director, MidSouth Region

My experience with SLI has been a holistically developmental one. I have gained confidence as a leader and competencies through the different learning experiences and assignments, from my coach and through the feedback I have received along the way. The growth that I've seen in my life in the area of self-awareness has been indispensable and will have an impact on every area of my life.

Renee Kylestewa Begay

Nations National Director

Through the depth of relationships, I am learning to make connections between my emotions to how I lead and learning to grow in confidence of who God created me to be.

Darren Holland

National Director of Operations, Greater Northwest, Campus

It is hard to overstate the impact SLI has made on my life and ministry as the spiritual and leadership development I've received has been transformational. The SLI design team, participants, my executive coach, the action learning challenge, leaders we've been exposed to along the way...all added up to an experience that will mark my leadership for life.

Tony Wee

Missional Team Leader, Epic Movement / DC Metro and Epic Context Director for the Mid-Atlantic Region

SLI has been a truly transformational experience. The concentration on holistic growth as a leader is quite refreshing in tandem with the challenge to expand our influence by a factor of 10. I've learned so much about myself and my leadership. SLI is the best initiative that I've experienced from Cru.

Rasool Berry

Millennial Team, NYC

God has used SLI to accelerate my growth as a leader more than anything else I've experienced. The exposure to leadership principles, meaningful interactions with other leaders, and emphasis on real world application has enriched me in all facets of my leadership. More significantly, the focus on the spiritual foundation of leadership and its basis in a transformed heart also continually helps me grow deeper.

Jennifer Lowe

Cru City, Orange County Director for Millennials

SLI has prepared me to lead in a larger capacity with the training and development that I've received. By being coached and mentored by a businesswoman outside Cru, and with the learning environment and camaraderie created within the SLI group, I have received skills that will help me to lead and influence change within our organization in the future.

Nita Pride

Valor Women's Ministry Director

SLI is the best leadership development I have received in my 40 years on Cru staff. I am thankful for the design team’s commitment to our personal growth as well as to our becoming better leaders. Having a professional godly woman as my coach for the last two years has grown me in ways I could never learn from a book or speaker. Learning to lead up and to align staff when leading through change have been some of my best growth areas.

Terry Robinson

City Director, Inner City – Detroit

My experience in SLI has truly been a “God Thing”. The heart of the design team for you to grow in character, competency, and capacity is authentic and very real. I have gained leadership skills from each module that will increase my effectiveness in leading for years to come.

Ryan Williams

Executive Director - Leadership Development Campus Ministry

SLI has stretched me in a number of ways, but some of my most significant learning has come through the coaching. Often, I went into a coaching appointment unsure of where it would lead but nearly always ended energized with new ways of thinking, challenged to explore beliefs and behaviors that were holding me back, or encouraged and affirmed in what God was doing.

Lorna Johnson

Orlando Athletic Training Academy Founder/President, Cru City

The SLI program has given a solid handle on my expressions of gifts, talents, personal obstacles, and my personal leadership ability in light of being God's workmanship. It was not enough to gain knowledge but the application via hands on projects, 24 hour challenges, group dynamics, intense grace oriented evaluations, and the small group connection created explosive transformation. Lastly, there was no match to the outside professional personal coach assigned to me to speak directly in my life to process through areas personally and ministry.

Jose Sam

Leader, LDHR - South Asia Area

SLI helped me to grow in self-awareness. The design team, my coach and fellow participants encouraged and affirmed me all along and provided valuable feedback. It helped me to grow in confidence. With a good mix of exposure, experience, learning and evaluation, SLI provided one of the best developmental experiences so far.

Milton Massie

Co-national Director for Cru Inner City

The design team, my coach, and fellow participants are now life comrades. This experience is priceless. I am valued by the larger organization of CCC due to this huge investment into the heart, soul, and skills of my leadership. Most outstanding to my experience with SLI is the use of “questions” to coach me in my development as a leader.

Scott Pendleton

Chief of Staff, Jesus Film Project

God used the people, experiences and teaching of SLI to deepen my walk with Christ and grow my confidence as a leader. I have brand new leadership tools in my tool belt and new friendships with other leaders that will continue for a lifetime.

Hung Thach

Missional Team Leader, Long Beach Cru High

SLI has truly been a gift that the Lord graciously gave me to press in and challenge me in areas of my walk with God and leadership that I had allowed to become comfortable. I have learned many great leadership principles that forever will influence the way I lead. Being part of SLI has given me a community of believers who are committed to my walk with God to deepen and for me to lead effectively.

Dr. Benjamin P. Thomas

Director of the Kigali International Community School, Kigali, Rwanda, sent through Cru City

God has used SLI to help me lay an incredible foundation in my leadership. I was able to put into practice what I was learning on a daily basis. As a result the global team I serve has been impacted. My wife, kids and colleagues have all benefited from what SLI has poured into me. As we look towards seeing spiritual movements on every team, in every sport and in every nation by 2020, SLI will have played a huge part in helping us get there. Not only did it help transform me, God is using it to help transform a global ministry.

Luke Turner

Deputy Assistant to the President

SLI has been an invaluable experience in my life as I have grown in confidence in leadership and in who God created me to be. He used the program to push me beyond where I was comfortable in several ways, and for that, I'm deeply grateful.

Kent Herr

Controller and Group Leader for the Financial Services Group

I’m convinced that God led me into SLI not only to help me grow as a leader but also to help me understand the value of allowing others into my growth journey. In SLI, I found a community of leaders who were committed to helping each other become more like Christ. There were areas of my leadership that had needed attention for some time and I found growth in the power of having others demonstrate real time help.

Cas Monaco

Faculty Commons, Exec Field Director

I tell everybody I know that, in my 30+ years of ministry, SLI has been the best, and most life-changing experience of my life. I've grown as a leader spiritually and personally, I've gained practical skills to lead at 10x my scope, and I've made life-long friends. Hands-down – the best leadership training I've ever received.

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