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How to Make Friends in College

There’s no course or handbook on making friends, especially in college. But there’s a few simple how-tos that can help you out.


You care about your high school, undergrad, or grad student. So do we.

Things I Wish I Had Known as a Freshman

Though it seems like you’re lowest on the totem pole, you’ve actually got an advantage. Decisions you start this year will shape your future years in college still to come. With this in mind, here are some things that I wish I had known as a first-semester student.

Ask Mom: More Than a Decade of Cookies, Listening and Advice

Cathy Thompson and her team of moms have doled out a decade of cookies and biblical advice, but what does the future hold for this creative ministry strategy?

Reflecting As My Child Makes the College Transition

A parent meditates on sending her daughter to college.

The Unseen Crisis Among College Women

Chronic mental health problems are on the rise, raising serious issues for those working with female students.

How to Help a Fox

As a staff member with Agape Estonia (as Cru is called there), Daire (pronounced DYE-rah) directs Fox Week in partnership with the university. For 10 years, Agape Estonia has helped to organize the event as a way to make the transition easier for new students.

The Timing of the Gospel

American students leave a lasting impression on a Japanese campus.

I Want My Life to Count

A mysterious phone call helps one Mexico City college student figure out how to serve God on his campus.

For Students

We are Cru, a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ. We’re on 2,088 campuses in all 50 states across the country and on 5,300 campuses worldwide. Start your transition to college with Christ-centered community.

College Bound

Discover Cru at college. Learn how to prepare for the transition from high school. Connect with Christian community; grow your faith. Find a local Cru community today!

How to Thrive This Summer and Not Just Survive

Summer can pose a major challenge to your faith in God. But it can also be a great opportunity to see your faith increased. This article will equip you with helpful ideas and a solid plan to thrive and not just survive in your relationship with God this summer.

My Story: Kristen Sass

How a Texas Tech junior finds the best priority is God. "It was hard realizing that Christ needed to be first in my life instead of myself."

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