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3 Ways To "Failure-Proof" Your College Student

Help your child thrive at college.

March 16, 2017

Every parent fears that their graduating high school senior will struggle when they leave the nest and head off to college. Will they connect with people on campus? Will they pass their classes? Will they know what to do when they are overwhelmed?

Here are three ways to “failure-proof” your incoming freshman so that they can thrive in college

1. Personal Connection

Loneliness is rampant among college freshmen. Students who are lonely lose energy and motivation and often fall into depression. Also lonely students may make unhealthy choices in a desperate attempt to fit in. These unhealthy choices can derail a college career.

It is important for freshmen who are lonely to find a personal connection with a fellow student at their school. Freshmen need to be known and know that someone cares about them who is close enough for a real friendship.

Also important is the opportunity for a freshman to connect with someone who is older but not too old, more mature but still relatable; someone who can encourage them when they need it.

An upperclassman at their school is an ideal way to help a freshman thrive.

2. Community

“What am I going to do this weekend?” is a big question for freshmen during the first few weeks of college. Answering this question will define much of the next four or five years of life for a freshman.

An unhealthy community can lead freshmen to abandon their coursework to fit in with students engaged in self-destructive behavior. Freshmen need a healthy community where they can feel needed and appreciated; and where they are encouraged to engage in healthy behaviors.

Our student organization, Cru, is a caring community that has been helping students thrive in college since 1951. We provide freshmen with events and activities that help them have fun and find great friends.

A Cru community on campus can help your child find friends who will encourage them, serve their community, and help them grow in a relationship with God.

Cru has upperclassmen on hundreds of campuses that can personally reach out to your child.

3. Local Know-How

Where can I find affordable textbooks? Which are the best professors? Which classes are the worst?

These are the kinds of questions that can make or break a semester and are unique to every campus. Freshmen don’t know what questions they will have until they show up on campus, and then they need to ask someone they can trust.

Upperclassmen have these answers and more. Freshmen need a personal connection with someone who is ready and willing to answer their questions about their campus.

You can connect your child with a Cru upperclassman on their campus who can help them thrive in college.

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