Campus Stories

When You Don’t Get the Fraternity or Sorority You Want

Have you been thinking about what you want versus what you really want?

How Do I Know God's Will?

Author Shane Sebastian explains how he learned to discern God’s will.

The most important thing this Rwandan student can say this Christmas

Diane Uwacu, from Rwanda, explains how international students studying in the U.S. can help reach the world for Christ. And here’s how you can help reach them.

Two Ways a New Freshman Reconnected With Her Faith

“I’d pretty much compartmentalized my spiritual life as separate from school life.”

4 Things You Need to Know About Life After College

As you enter this new stage of life, remember that God has not left you to fend for yourself.

When The Student Body President Starts to Pray

Student government leaders are ambassadors for Christ and the whole campus.

One Family’s Response to a Woman Crying In Church

“You can’t know for sure it’s gonna work out well. I just knew there was a need there and I wanted to see if we could be a blessing.”

A Sports Analogy That Changes How You Can Share Your Faith

Talking about spiritual matters is no game, but using an analogy from football is encouraging students in Arkansas.

3 Ways to Shine a Light on Slavery

Human trafficking is a tragic reality, but there are three simple things each of us can do to help end it and support victims and survivors.

Abused and Arrested, An Inner City Teen Turns Trauma Into Hope

In Houston after a drive-by shooting, Tateanna only wanted to talk to one person—her mentor.

Why Naseef left his gang

A teacher’s words to a young teen changed his life, and now he can share that wisdom with others.

Cru students get ABC News attention

This past June a group of students involved with Cru were in the news for volunteering at a family’s home in California.

When a stranger got my phone number

The person who inherited Keri’s phone number found themselves bombarded with calls and messages from total strangers.

See You At The Pole isn’t just for high school

3 reasons this traditionally high school event should get more attention on college campuses.

Can one week wreck your college experience?

What you need to know to start university the smart way.

Why you need to remember Hurricane Katrina

There’s been a lot of talk about the destruction of Hurricane Katrina 10 years later. But we should really be dwelling on the response.

Every freshman girl needs to read this

No pressure, but the choices you make here will determine the trajectory on which you’re headed.

When I couldn’t fix my family

Andrew Goldin went from being an angry young kid to starting a military ministry on his campus.

4 tips for Christians studying abroad

What if you looked at studying abroad as an opportunity to live on mission?

An open letter to deaf Christians

What the deaf taught me about God.

I’m the coolest Christian (and you can be, too)

Are you willing to risk a conversation if it means changing someone’s perspective?

Yale students believe “nonsense?”

Confused and intrigued, a skeptical computer science major found himself visiting Yale Cru.

Finding the Blueprint at Boston University

Something different is happening at Boston University. Students are working to make a difference in the lives of those around them, from athletes sharing their faith story to students mentoring incoming freshmen.

It’s time to go Greek

What makes Greeks possibly the most strategic students to minister to on the University campus?

Highlights from the last year on campus. #cruoncampus

God worked in a big way on campuses last year. What will He do this year?

200 Secrets and a step of faith

A confession outreach helped Will understand the gospel.

Pray: California school begins again after shooting

After the May shooting in Isla Vista, Cru reached out with needed comfort and God’s message of hope. This fall they will continue to show love to the community.

Would Jesus have joined a fraternity?

People called Jesus a drunkard and a glutton because he was spending all of His time with the lost at parties.

From suicide to a Savior

Jackie told Emma about her own attempted suicide, but also about the hope that changed her.

How do you help international students?

You can begin reaching international students today.

Back to School Tips

We all know going back to school can be a mix of nerves and excitement, so here are some tidbits of advice to help you stay on track as you prepare.

The night Zack stayed home from the boardwalk

Zack left his family for the summer to grow in faith. He never imagined God would use the summer to reach them, too.

A phone call couldn’t stop the gospel

Adam and Ashley decided to wait for a student to get off the phone before sharing the gospel.

Start a discussion about The Giver

Download a free discussion guide about The Giver to help spark spiritual conversation.

How to Choose a College

Deciding where to go to college can be a stressful choice. Here are some guidelines to help you think through if you should attend a Christian or secular school and then how to thrive once you arrive there.

Surfing the internet changed my life

A video testimony from a student in Hungary who learned about Christ through a website.

By telling his story, Martin realized he hadn’t committed to Christ

Sarah helped Martin understand his journey with Christ and make a firm commitment.

A Meal With a Coworker Changes Theresa's Life

For 3 years, Janette prayed with perseverance that the Lord would work in her friend, Theresa’s, life.

Overcoming Obstacles

How 4 students overcame indifference, anger, noise and darkness to tell others about Jesus' love and forgiveness.

Reaching The Nations In My Backyard

Cru interns join in with Orlando theme-park ministry to build meaningful relationships.

My Story: Dalton Hook

Fraternity Brother Dalton Hook entered university thinking he it was about partying and studying. He never expected to find God there, and pray and receive Christ in May of 2011 at Greek Summit, a summer trip for Greek Students involved with Cru.

Campus Ministry Creative Evangelism Ideas

Students give advice to other students about ways to reach their campus.

Sharing Your Faith Story on Facebook

Scott Santee has put together 6 steps for how to use Timeline as a way to tell your story of faith.

My Story: Samantha

University of North Carolina Greensborough student Samantha Springs tells her testimony of how God helped free her from sin.

It Isn't "Location, Location, Location.

Regardless of whether or not they are full-time missionaries, these people engage in missions work, in their personal lives and occasionally using Cru materials

Helping the Deaf Community hear the gospel.

Deaf student helps reach the Deaf Community with the message of God’s love and forgiveness. Auzy joined the Cru summer mission project 2 years ago. His example has helped other deaf students step out in faith.

The Ecstasy of Christ

When Sam Burtt attended his first week of college, he was not looking for a Christian group, in fact it was not on his radar at all.

Engineering a Future Ministry

One student learns how to pair work and worship while on a summer project in Denver.

Reunion at Lake Tahoe

Kelsey-Jo and Tess met two years ago when they had a significant spiritual conversation. They had no idea they were at the same summer project in Lake Tahoe until the move-in day when they realized they were roommates.

A Muffin for Your Opinion

A Cru staff member gives an update about a new semester on a campus in Berlin, Germany.

Summer Spiritual Lessons

One student learns that she must be faithful to bring up the gospel and God will take it from there.

Comic Book Evangelism Tools

Cru develops a manga comic book to start conversations about depression and suicide.

The Vision of Harvard

An Ivy League graduate sees God at work.

Digital Faithwave

A Cru conference teaches students how to take their faith online.

Brave Students Put Their Stories on Facebook

College students use social media to talk about Jesus.

Find Where God is Moving

Clemson students join together to bring a renowned speaker to their campus.

Atheists and the Inbox

“I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.”

A Summer in Slovenia

The comment shook Andrew to his core.

What Was I Still Searching For?

Tara didn't think she needed God.

What Really Saves Us?

Laurie Mitchell and her sister began a relationship with God through the Cru ministry at Transylvania University in Kentucky.

Starting in Belgium

How a student in Belgium starts a new student ministry.

God Uses an Athletic Trainer

Jenade lives out her faith at her job.

What can happen during a study break?

3 freshmen take a life-changing study break.

Partnering to Reach College Students

Cru wants to equip churches and Christians to reach young people. Interested? Start here!

Why students lose their faith in college

A growing trend reveals that college freshmen aren’t just preparing a goodbye speech to their families, but to their faith as well.


Spice up your break by coming to a Cru winter conference. Find the conference for you by region or interest.

Andrew's Apologia

An Ivy League student creates a journal to promote discussion of Christianity.

An Insider's Look at Big Break

Campus Ministry's emcee, Shelby Abbott, shows us the view from the stage

Freshman Survival Kits Hit College Campuses

How a laundry bag, Bible, and other freebees might pave the way for a first-year student to consider Christ.

The Spirit of Ohana

Amanda was part of a group called Epic, a branch of Cru that specifically reaches out to Asian-American students.

Want to Eavesdrop on a Spiritual Conversation?

Jesus becomes the topic of conversation in a Washington State University dorm room.

Replacing Cyanide with Jesus After the Tsunami

After the tsunami in December 2004, Cru staff members and students join with others to aid those in despair.

Arkansas Philosophy Student Travels to Thailand for Christ

Spending a summer in Thailand, an Arkansas college student grows in his faith and finds common ground.

Why College Students Are Strategic

Photographic essay, featuring quotes from Ken Cochrum, explores why college students are strategic in helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Get Ready for Back to School

Locate Cru on more than 1,000 campuses in the United States just in time for a record-setting 18 million college students to enroll at America's colleges and universities in 2008.

Native American Student Stands Between Two Worlds

How a former student at Montana State University helped reach out to other Native American students on campus.

Spring Break Outreach

A college student finds a new way to define achievement at the beach.

About Nations®

We long to see Native Christ-centered leadership exercising ministries of Restoration, Nurture and Service on their campuses and in their communities.


Cru has been on campuses for over 60 years, helping students come to know Jesus, grow in their faith and then go to their families, their communities and all over the world to tell others about God’s love.

After Graduation

Where does God want you after you graduate? Go for the next year or go as a career.

Big Break

Make your spring break count! Practice sharing your faith at Panama City Beach or in Los Angeles.

High School & Junior High

Find a conference or mission opportunity designed for teens. We have Summer Getaways and Winter (Fast) Break.


Got a year to give? Join a team and see what happens as you serve, learn and lead together.

Global Missions

Take the gospel to the world for a summer or a year as you live, learn and lead overseas.


Spice up your break by coming to a Cru winter conference. Find the conference for you by region or interest.

Life On Mission (100% Sent)

Where does God want you after you graduate? Go for the next year or go as a career.

Creatives On Mission

Taking the Gospel to the world through performing artists, innovative tools & resources, and communication training opportunities.


Cru-involved seniors across the country continue to request practical, tangible steps to aid in their launch to life beyond college. Some of Cru’s best “sending” and preparation tools from the field have been curated into the categorized lists below.

Summer Connect

Summer Connect offers you a chance to connect with others and grow spiritually wherever you are this summer.

Winter Conference

Held around the U.S. in late December, Cru Winter Conferences seek to connect college students to Jesus.

College Bound

Discover Cru at college. Learn how to prepare for the transition from high school. Connect with Christian community; grow your faith. Find a local Cru community today!

How Can You Change The World With Your Semester Abroad?

You could have an experience like Natalie in Ireland by teaming up with Cru when you study abroad.

Dear Pastor: Why College Students Need You (And How To Connect With Them)

Two local pastors partner with Cru to build relationships with students.

What Can One Mom Do? Help Reach A High School for Christ

After hearing about a high school outreach at her church, Wendy spearheaded a similar outreach in her local high school, partnering with two Christian groups and two churches.

When Artists Fight For Justice

Transforming a community through creativity, connectedness and collaboration.

How Can You Change The World With Your Semester Abroad?

You could have an experience like Natalie in Ireland by teaming up with Cru when you study abroad.

On Campus, Is It Magic or Is It Real?

Jim Munroe’s fast-paced performances of magic tricks helps college students around the country encounter the reality of Christ behind the illusion of daily life.

Top Tools for Transferable Training

Ministry becomes effective when we accurately apply specific tools, using Biblical strategies, under the power of the Holy Spirit. To get the job done, here are some of the tools to consider adding to the top drawers of your tool chest.

High School

We're a community of grad students deeply connecting with one another, our calling, God, & the mission of helping others do similar.

Grad Students

We are a community of graduate students connecting deeply with God, one another, our calling, and the mission of helping others do the same.


We dream of the day when movements of Christian faculty willingly wrestle with the ever-challenging question: “As Christ-followers, what should we do in the academy?” We’d like to help.


You care about your high school, undergrad, or grad student. So do we.

How to Not Waste Your Winter Break

Have you ever reached the end of Christmas break and wondered where it went? Christmas is over, and you’re exhausted and still not ready to go back to class? Try these simple tricks to get the most out of your winter break this year.

Connect With Cru at My School

How can Cru help you? Cru offers a lot of great resources and opportunities for people in all life stages. Sign up to learn more.

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