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4 Things That Are Stopping You From Missions

According to my research, which was based on focus groups, academic journals, interviews, books and dissertations, and qualitative research analysis (wow – that’s a neat word), these are the 4 biggest barriers young people face when considering going into missions for a week, a month, a summer, a year or a lifetime.

Every freshman girl needs to read this

No pressure, but the choices you make here will determine the trajectory on which you’re headed.

It Isn't "Location, Location, Location.

Regardless of whether or not they are full-time missionaries, these people engage in missions work, in their personal lives and occasionally using Cru materials

The Ecstasy of Christ

When Sam Burtt attended his first week of college, he was not looking for a Christian group, in fact it was not on his radar at all.

A Muffin for Your Opinion

A Cru staff member gives an update about a new semester on a campus in Berlin, Germany.

A Summer in Slovenia

The comment shook Andrew to his core.

Partnering to Reach College Students

Cru wants to equip churches and Christians to reach young people. Interested? Start here!

Life On Mission (100% Sent)

Where does God want you after you graduate? Go for the next year or go as a career.

Winter Conference

Held around the U.S. in late December, Cru Winter Conferences seek to connect college students to Jesus.

High School

We're a community of grad students deeply connecting with one another, our calling, God, & the mission of helping others do similar.

College Bound

Discover Cru at college. Learn how to prepare for the transition from high school. Connect with Christian community; grow your faith. Find a local Cru community today!

Grad Students

We are a community of graduate students connecting deeply with God, one another, our calling, and the mission of helping others do the same.


We dream of the day when movements of Christian faculty willingly wrestle with the ever-challenging question: “As Christ-followers, what should we do in the academy?” We’d like to help.

Connect With Cru at My School

How can Cru help you? Cru offers a lot of great resources and opportunities for people in all life stages. Sign up to learn more.

Ministry Leaders

Partner with Cru to help you reach your vision for your ministry. Whether you are a church, campus ministry, or an individual with a heart to reach the lost, we can help you achieve your goals!

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