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How to Handle Reverse Culture Shock

Experiencing culture shock after traveling to a developing area can be difficult. Here are eight questions to ask yourself as you transition home.

Sacrifices Stop After 75% of Village Watch the JESUS Film

When the only Hindu priest in an Indian village turned to Christ, the sacrifices stopped.

Rebuilding After an Earthquake

In India’s westernmost state 40,000 "Love Buckets" of food were given to families in need after an earthquake. A year later a village had been rebuilt.

Mob Tries To Kill JESUS Film Worker

Attacked by a mob organized to kill him in India, Dinakaran asked for a chance to tell them the gospel first.

Meeting at the Well

Three sari-clad women stand next to a well, chatting in Hindi about a man they learned of in a movie—Jesus.

Jesus on Film: Seeing Is Believing

Jesus’ image on the big screen helps Indians grasp the gospel.

Jesus Miraculously Heals

8-year-old girl sees the JESUS Film and then tells her widowed mother Jesus could heal her mother’s tuberculosis. After praying all night, the woman was healthy.

Illusionists Carry the Gospel to 500,000

Christians use illusion to tell people in India about Jesus on short-term missions trips.

God Brings Healing to a Brahman family

In India Raji’s family rejects when she becomes a Christian. 30 years later her sister accepts Christ too.

Christians Respond After Tsunami Kills One-Fifth of a Village

After a tsunami kills over 750 people in Tarangambadi, college students and staff members in India rush to help the villagers they were sharing the gospel with just two months before.

Bold Mom Drives Motorcycle

Where mostly only men drive, Elizabeth drives a motorcycle in India to increase her ministry.

An Indian Experience (Part 5)

A first visit to this country showed God at work everywhere. (Part 5)

An Indian Experience (Part 4)

A first visit to this country showed God at work everywhere. (Part 4)

An Indian Experience (Part 3)

A first visit to this country showed God at work everywhere. (Part 3)

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