Mob Tries To Kill JESUS Film Worker

Chris Lawrence

Dinakaran's bold efforts with the JESUS film have sometimes prompted persecution.

Raviraj, a Communist working the same villages as Dinakaran, organized a mob of 100 men to kill him.

Soon the mob found Dinakaran. One of the men punched Dinakaran hard in the face, knocking him to the ground. Before the mob attacked again, he spoke up. "I know you are going to beat me," Dinakaran told them. "But first give me five minutes to talk."

Surprised, they consented. "I have come to your villages to help you, to tell you about a man named Jesus," said Dinakaran. "I want you to be happy, to have joy. I want you to be good. Is this a crime I am committing?"

He went on to explain how they, too, could become followers of Jesus. Some were interested. But Raviraj left, seething.

For the next six months, Dinakaran prayed for him. "If this man can mobilize 100 people to come after me, then he can mobilize 100 people for good," he said.

During that time, Raviraj became incredibly depressed -- he lost his job and his marriage was on the rocks. While setting up a rope to hang himself, he found a gospel tract. After reading it, he prayed and received Christ.

Soon after, Raviraj showed up at Dinakaran's door, this time to apologize and ask the pastor to tell him more about Jesus. Raviraj later became a successful pastor who regularly showed the JESUS film.

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