God Brings Healing to a Brahman family

Becky Hill
Photo by Ted Wilcox

For 24 years, Prema Jagammatham refused to speak to her sister.

Prema's family was Hindu and belonged to the high-caste Brahmans. When her younger sister Raji committed her life to Christ, Prema and the rest of her family rejected Raji and forced her to move out.

"It was a very painful experience for me," Raji remembers. "I couldn't even attend some of the family functions because I had become a Christian." But she continued to trust that God had a plan for her family.

Years later, Prema became seriously ill, and Raji visited her in the hospital. "Because of my illness, I was so tired and weak," Prema said. "But I can now see God's hand in it. I needed to be in that state to be open to talk with [my sister]."

Raji comforted Prema, and soon Prema began to recover from her illness. Prema began to visit Raji's house and read from her Bible. And Prema slowly saw the hope that Raji had found in Christ.

Then one day, nearly 30 years after her sister had become a Christian, Prema tearfully knelt with Raji and prayed, accepting Christ into her life.

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