Meeting at the Well

Across India DVD series "Following Jesus" helps people grow in their faith

Chris Lawrence

Three sari-clad women stand next to a well, chatting in Hindi about a man they learned of in a movie -- Jesus.

This is a scene from the DVD series, Following JESUS, which is being used across India to help people who view the JESUS film grow in their faith. The series features topics that will assure new believers in their faith and even equip them to tell others about Christ.

"The lessons are culturally relevant and biblically accurate," says Jim Green, the executive director of The JESUS Film Project®. Across India's northern region of Rajasthan, more than 200 pastors are using the series. One pastor recently baptized 30 new believers as a result of the materials. "These videos really speak to the Hindu culture," says Balwantsignx Baria, JESUS film coordinator in Rajasthan.


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