Jesus Miraculously Heals

Jennifer Abegg

Eight-year-old Rinki Praham's dad died, then her mother contracted tuberculosis and was near death. Rinki, the oldest child in the Hindu family, tried to sell her mother's gold bracelets to earn money to pay a village doctor to treat her mother.

However, a man stole the bracelets. She felt helpless, afraid she and her siblings might become orphans.

The following month a team from Cru visited Rinki's village in West Bengal and screened the JESUS film. The little girl watched the story about Christ based on the Gospel of Luke.

Rinki asked Jesus to be her Savior, then dashed home to tell her bedridden mother, "Jesus lives and Jesus can heal you."

Her mom invited Jesus into her life, and the two prayed all night for healing. The next morning Rinki's mother was healthy, reports Rabi Sankar Ghosh, an Indian Cru staff member.

Then the mother-daughter duo invited the JESUS film team to show JESUS in their home. Forty-four family members accepted Christ.

They also lead a Bible study of 160 people. Says Rabi, "Now they are very happy."

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