Illusionists Carry the Gospel to 500,000

Chris Sneller

A wrinkled woman in a crimson sari approached the truck where a group of missionaries stood. Months before, doctors told the Indian villager that she was dying. Her prayers to the pantheon of Hindu gods went unanswered.

Desperate, she prayed to Jesus. The day she expected to die came. And went.

Though she had asked Jesus for healing, she didn't know Him – until Adrian Van Vactor came to her village outside Bangalore, India. The full-time illusionist was participating in a two-week mission trip sponsored by the Macedonian Project, a ministry of Cru.

The Jesus Film Mission Trips team trains Christians how to be short-term missionaries overseas. "One billion people in the world have never heard the name Jesus," claims its Web site, "You could be the first to tell them."

The teams to India are made up of illusionists. "Illusionists address some of the inherent spiritual needs that Indians and other South Asians have," says Mike Constantz, the first director of the Mac Project. In seven years, over half a million Asians have heard the gospel through illusionists like Adrian.

Would you like to know God personally?

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