photos by Ted Wilcox

An Indian Experience (Part 5)

David Dishman

My week in India has been amazing, and on the eve of my departure I have one last stop to make, one that I am extremely excited about. Tonight I am attending the Cru weekly student meeting.

As an intern with Cru at Colorado State, I attend a student meeting every week, but I am more than stoked about the chance to visit one in India. I have already met one student who will be there, and I look forward to meeting some others as well.

It’s Saturday night and my group and I arrive a little bit late after getting caught up in traffic (I should note that I don’t believe we arrived anywhere on time this week due to the traffic).

The meeting is in a brand new building that has just opened up for the Cru students to use, and it is very nice. The meeting is upstairs in an open room that already contains about 40 Indian college students. The students have already started but I squeeze in near the back with the rest of my group.

The meeting is similar to the college meetings I am familiar with in the states, a skit is performed, worship songs are played and a speaker gives a short talk.

During the worship, I lost my grip on my emotions. Yesterday I talked about the chaos I encountered at the Hindu temple, but here it is the exact opposite. Students are laughing, dancing and singing praises to Jesus. They keep alternating between singing and speaking in English and Hindi but I didn’t need to understand every word to soak in the praise.

God is incredible, and this atmosphere confirms it. Having so recently seen such an intense example of life without Him presented in the temple I am moved to tears in this joyful environment. I spot Niraj near the front of the room and he waves at me and smiles. There is no sense of obligation or duty in this room; these students are here worshipping because of the joyful feelings in their heart, and that is exciting.

I want my faith to look this way. I want to be so joyful and content with the Lord that I can shout and jump and sing no matter what my life is like. I don’t want to praise out of obligation; I want the same joy that these Indian college students have.

When the meeting ends our group spends time getting to know some of the students and eventually we say our goodbyes and load up the vans. It’s been a great week and I have many positive memories but tonight is special. Tonight I was reminded of the joy we have in our Savior, and the joy we can have in worshipping Him.

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