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What Does the Bible Say About Parenting?

The Bible has a lot to say about parenting. Here you’ll find some of the wisdom and sound advice it has for raising kids, as well as encouragement for parents who are struggling.

What Gives Hope in the Crazy of Parenting?

We’ve all been there as parents. When the days seem too long or the problems too big to handle, where do we turn for support and encouragement?

My Kid's Lies Brought Me to My Knees

Teaching my kids about giving had an unexpected application for me.

Notes of Celebration

Rejoicing over two kinds of new birth

Fatherly Love

Gary learns about God’s love as he connects with his daughter he never knew.

Oh, The Places You'll Go

Missionary kids (or MKs) need help processing moving from overseas. MK2MK helps them process the change through a debriefing weekend in Florida.

8 Things That Can Help When Mother’s Day Hurts

Mother’s Day can be difficult if you have a broken or strained relationship with your child. One mother shares how she faces the holiday in the midst of her pain and disappointment.

Starting a New Tradition in 2018

This year, we challenge you to start a new tradition with your family by capturing moments and memories and sharing them with one another at year’s end.

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How to Become a Tech-Wise Family

Andy Crouch explores some everyday steps for putting technology in its proper place – Excerpt from his book, “The Tech-Wise Family”

4 Ways to Prepare Your Child for College

Practical tips for parents with children heading to college.

3 Ways To "Failure-Proof" Your College Student

Help your child thrive at college.

How Your Kids Can See the World Like a Missionary

We’ve compiled six ways to inspire your children to learn and care about the peoples of the world.

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